What’s That Thumping?

Photograph by C. O. Dixon

January 6, 2011

The landscape around Drexel Library has changed quite a bit lately. While our immediate surroundings previously included a beautiful garden and bucolic walkways, these same spaces are now occupied by contractors and their machines, busily chipping through granite, leaving a giant hole with offshoots here and there! What could we be thinking!

No worries, though, for what looks like a big, rocky hole in the ground now is the future home of the Post Learning Commons – a technology-rich building dedicated to aiding student learning well into the 21st Century. And so, while all things must pass and we don’t have our former garden and walkways, the Learning Commons will have many “green” elements, such as partial green roof (how cool is that?), living ivy walls, and interesting landscape around the new amphitheater.

In the meantime, there will be rhythmic pounding, thumping and drilling (at least for the next week or so, including Saturdays – 10 hours each day). The lights may go out, the water may stop running, and the building might get cold, but in the end, it will be great! So, until the fanfare of the Grand Opening, we recommend stocking up on Excedrin!