Welcome to Research Toolkits!

Welcome back to campus!  The semester is getting underway rapidly, and while most of you probably aren’t yet thinking of those final research projects that seem so far away, remember that they’ll sneak up on you more quickly than you think!  When you do start to browse through those subject web pages for good research material, you might notice some that have a different look, due to our migration over to a new content management system called Research Toolkits.  We’ll be working through the semester to embed material onto this site, including brand new class-specific pages, like our Business Policy page or our Organizational Psychology page.  These customizable pages make it easier for you to get to the sources most valuable for a specific course.  Browse our Research by Subject page to see if there’s a course-specific page for one of your courses, and tune in for our official unveiling of Research Toolkits later in the semester!