The Sisters Brothers: a Novel – It’s What We’re Reading

November 2011

A monthly offering from Drexel Library’s staff about the books we’ve read.

The Sisters Brothers

The Sisters Brothers: a Novel

Patrick DeWitt

In this quirky, twisted Western, a frontier baron known as the Commodore orders hired killers, Charlie and Eli Sisters, to kill a prospector named Hermann Kermit Warm. Warm, an avid reader and amateur Chemist, has devised a secret formula that allows him to scoop up the gold in California rivers.  The Commodore wants him dead because he won’t share the formula, so dead he will be.  In the convoluted search for Warm in the underworld of 1850, younger brother, Eli Sisters begins to develop a conscience. He has never really shared his brother’s blind loyalty to the Commodore, nor his love of whiskey and killing.  In this saga full of liars and cheaters, you find yourself rooting for the young killers, who seem more and more like lost boys.

This novel can be found in the Popular Reading collection on the first floor of the Library.