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The Library has a trial for Statista through April 8!

Statista ischartoftheday_4521_some_of_the_numbers_behind_stpatricks_day_n a statistics portal with data from
market and opinion research institutions, as well as from business organizations and government agencies.

Coverage includes media, business and industry, politics, public opinion, demographics, education, crime, and more.  50% of the content in Statista is international.

Data can be downloaded in JPG, PowerPoint and Excel.

Please let us know what you think of Statista!
Contact your liaison librarian.

HSB Research on Corporate Social Responsibility


WHAT:  Panel on sustainability based on recent faculty publications

Dr. WaQar I. Ghani, Accounting
Dr. Rajneesh Sharma, Finance
Dr. A.J. Stagliano, Accounting
Dr. Karen Hogan, Finance
Dr. Thanigavelan Jambulingam, Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Marketing
Dr. Carolin Schellhorn, Finance
Dr. Claire Simmers, Management

WHEN:  Tuesday, March 31st — 11:00 AM-12:15 PM

WHERE:  Wachterhauser Seminar Room, 2nd Floor

For a list of topics, with their respective presenters, see
Library website.

All are invited! We hope you are able to attend this timely and engaging presentation!






Who attended more movies overall  in 2007, the Chinese or Americans?  What will the world’s aging population do to global markets?  How are Polish farms able to successfully compete in a worldwide economic downturn?  Get an international perspective on consumer markets with Euromonitor International, and read up on a specific country’s business infrastrastructure, explore their major markets, or learn about the ways businesses might relate to the average citizen.  The database also makes comparisons available so that you can look across borders to see where business growth might happen more effectively.