Comments? Questions? Suggestions?

We’re committed to providing you with the best service that we can here at the Drexel Library, and this semester we tried a new approach to requesting feedback with a suggestion box.  We’ve passed along your comments to the right people to answer your concerns, and we’d like to share these responses with you.  Here are the suggestions from November 6-19, along with responses:

Longer Café hours were requested by 3 patrons
Library Director, Evelyn Minick, replies:  We agree!  The Library Café is operated by the Aramark Food Service.  We have been sending them our entrance numbers and requesting earlier hours during the week and hours on Friday.  We will be sure to pass on your concern.

Other beverage options in the Café were requested by 3 patrons
Assistant Food Service Director, Lauren Booth, replies:  …[regarding] the beverage selection, since we have limited … space, we chose the top selling brands and flavors to sell. I can look into incorporating some of the suggestions….

Naked Juice cost was commented on by 1 patron
Assistant Food Service Director, Lauren Booth, replies: Each year we do a price comparison for all of our items. We price other universities as well as restaurants and convenience stores. All of our prices are then approved by the University. Naked Juice is priced competitively at $3.39. We are selling it at the same price as the University of Pennsylvania. Also, Wawa sells the same size Naked Juice for $3.79.

Request that the Café accept credit cards was requested by 1 patron
Assistant Food Service Director, Lauren Booth, replies:  “We are in the process of obtaining a credit card machine for the C3.”

One patron commented that: “The staff here in the library are approachable, kind-hearted and efficient.”
Thanks, from the library staff!  We try our hardest!

We love your input, so thanks to everyone who contributed.  You’re also welcome to reply to any of the posts on this blog with questions or comments about any aspect of library service.  Keep the suggestions coming!

Thanks to Sarah Bolce and Dan Holden for managing the suggestion box, and to Sarah for compiling the responses.