A Gift of Hope – It's What We're Reading

March 2013

A monthly offering from Drexel Library’s staff about the books we’ve read.

A Gift of Hope A Gift of Hope
by Danielle Steel

New York Times bestselling author Danielle Steel tells her own story in this brief, but heart wrenching book. After the suicide of her beloved son Nick who was diagnosed with bipolar disease, and the break-up of her marriage, she prayed for guidance. God hears her prayer and gives an answer, not the one she hoped for, but one she cannot deny.
Danielle worked anonymously for 11 years with a small group of friends to help the homeless. Her group eventually became known as Yo! Angel! They chose to go out after dark once a month. What started with two vans filled with socks, gloves, coats and sleeping bags for 100, would later become three vans filled with black gym bags (with the addition of food, toiletries and teddy bears) for 300.

This book can be found in the Popular Reading collection on the first floor of the Library.