9/27/12 A Question of Habit: A Tool for Educators 3pm

A Question of Habit: A Tool for Educators

A Question of Habit

September 27

Wachterhauser Seminar Room,
2nd Floor Post Learning Commons

A second viewing of the film “A Question of Habit” will be offered at the Post Learning Commons for faculty, staff and administration.

Writer-Producer-Director Dr. Bren Ortega Murphy will be on hand to discuss how this film can be used effectively to teach U.S. cultural studies, gender and the intersection of religion and culture.

A Question of Habit explores popular culture’s fascination with all things “nun” and dives into the real stories behind the women religious in the United States from the battle field medics of the Civil War to the creators of the first HMO in the Country to the political activists fighting against capital ?> punishment.?

The film is narrated by Academy Award winner Susan Sarandon.