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Looking to spruce up your research paper with something eye-catching?  Try adding some images!  Artstor is an extensive, searchable index of over 700,000 images of all kinds, from sculptures and classical paintings to famous journalist’s photos.  It’s ever-expanding, and their entire collection is browsable by Geography, Classification, or Collection.  Search for your topic, or browse through the collections for inspiration.

To get to Artstor, go to the library’s homepage, and to e-Resources A-Z.  This gives you a full list of our databases, including this great tool.



Hello, and welcome to the Francis A. Drexel Library’s blog!  This running ‘lifeline’ will help you wade through the good and the bad of information in all shapes and formats, and it’s for anyone looking to brush up on their researching techniques.  If you’re a tech-savvy practiced searcher or a student just looking to jump-start the research process, we’ll have tips, tricks, and library tools spotlighted here for your researching pleasure.  Come, browse, and enjoy!