Staff Directory

All Library Staff
Lauren Blackwell, Library Assistant (Part-time)
(215) 596-8961
Sarah Bolce, Resource Sharing Coordinator
(610) 660-1907
Jamie Pavao, Library Assistant (Part-time)
(215) 596-8961
Michael Brooks, Technology Support Coordinator
(610) 660-1908
Lesley Carey, Archivist
(610) 660-1903
Susan Clayton, Building Operations Coordinator, Hawk Hill Campus
(610) 660-1926
Naomi Cohen,
Education Resources / Reference Librarian

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Liaison to: Education, English, Modern Languages & Linguistics, Psychology
Cheryl Collins, Catalog and Metadata Librarian
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(215) 596-8791
Liaison to: Art and Art History
Salvatore S. Cucinotta, Library Assistant (Part-time)

(610) 660-1900
Rachel Fager, Head of Resources Management
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Liaison to: Classics, Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies
Malorie Fink, Sciences Librarian
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(215) 596-8966
Liaison to: BiologyChemistry, Pharmacy, OT, PT, PA
Matt Gray, Collection Analysis and Discovery Librarian
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(267) 295-8962
Liaison to: 
Computer Science, MathematicsPhysics
Jen Hasse, Head of Access Services and Student Experience
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(215) 895-1197
Liaison to: 
Communications, Journalism and Writing
Daniel Holden,
Electronic Resources and Serials Librarian

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Liaison to: Economics, History, Political Science
Anne Krakow, Library Director
(610) 660-1905
Deborah Lenert, Head of Digital Initiatives, Technology and Preservation
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Liaison to: Music, Theater & Film, Sociology and Criminal Justice
Joshua Martin, Serials and Acquisitions Assistant
(610) 660-1911
Charlotte Riddell, Library Assistant (Part-time)
(610) 660-1900
Cynthia Slater, Business Reference Librarian
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Liaison to:  AccountingBusiness Intelligence & Analytics (DSS),
Finance (REFF RMI), Food, Pharma & Healthcare, MarketingManagement (IBU FBE MHC LEO)Marketing, Organization
Development and Leadership
Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Marketing
Martha VanAuken, Circulation and Reserves Coordinator
(610) 660-1900
Jennifer VanAuken, Library Assistant (Part-time)
(610) 660-1900
Hilda Wilson, Building Operations Coordinator, University City Campus
(215) 596-8960