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Interlibrary Loan News: Introducing HawkShare

Drexel Library’s Interlibrary Loan services, ILLiad and E-ZBorrow, give you access to the resources available at other libraries. You can use Interlibrary Loan to borrow books and request PDF files of articles and book chapters. In the next few weeks, the library will be replacing ILLiad with a new service called HawkShare. You will notice a few differences from ILLiad, but rest assured that HawkShare will provide access to all of the same resources as ILLiad. HawkShare is scheduled to go live soon, with the pending go-live date to be announced. Detailed instructions on how to use HawkShare will be provided at that time. Once HawkShare is live, all ILLiad users will have one month to access their ILLiad articles and histories.

We hope that these changes enhance your library experience and streamline how you manage your requests. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Alex Williams at