SJU has moved to Canvas!

Canvas is SJU’s current Learning Management System (LMS). For questions regarding LMS support, please contact the Technology Service Center at 610-660-2920 or submit a ticket here.

Technology requirements 

  • Computer purchased in the past three years with Windows 7 (or higher)  or MAC OSX. (Note:  Online MSBI students must have a Windows computer. Or be able to run dual boot/parallels on their Macs. See below for details).
  • Computer should have an audio card and speakers.

Please see below for full recommended and required specifications

  • Internet service provider required, high-speed cable or DSL is recommended, 56k modem connection is acceptable, but discouraged.
  • Google Chrome is the preferred browser.

General requirement

  • You will need to have a familiarity with the suite of Microsoft Office programs (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint). You should be able to: open, close, and save documents. You should also be able to browse your hard drive for files.
  • Ability to browse web pages and use various search engines (Ex: Google, Yahoo, etc)
  • To view videos you will most likely need to have the latest version of RealPlayer installed on your computer

Canvas and Zoom Features that you may use during a course:

  • Navigation Buttons: Allows you to navigate within the Bb course.
  • Assignment tool: Used to send your assignment to your instructor.
  • Discussion Board: Online discussions
  • Collaboration tool: Virtual office hours and synchronous discussions.
  • Tools Button: Under the tools button you will be able to view grades, edit your Bb course home page, view class roster, and send an email.

Zoom: Allows you to take a quiz online

  • To participate in Zoom sessions, online students should have an integrated headphone and microphone.
  • A number of online classes require the use of webcams.
  • Zoom technical support

Software Packages – students may be asked to download/acquire the following

HSB Laptop Requirements 2020-21

Graduate Programs