SJU is Moving to Canvas!

Blackboard is SJU’s current Learning Management System (LMS). Most classes will continue to use Blackboard Spring 2018. Some instructors are piloting the new LMS, Canvas Spring 2018.

You may have courses on either or both platforms.  For questions regarding LMS support, please contact the Technology Service Center at 610-660-2920 or submit a ticket here.

Technology requirements 

  • Computer purchased in the past three years with Windows 7 (or higher)  or MAC OSX.
  • Computer should have an audio card and speakers.

Please see below for full recommended and required specifications

  • Internet service provider required, high-speed cable or DSL is recommended, 56k modem connection is acceptable, but discouraged.
  • Google Chrome is the preferred browser.

General requirement

  • You will need to have a familiarity with the suite of Microsoft Office programs (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint). You should be able to: open, close, and save documents. You should also be able to browse your hard drive for files.
  • Ability to browse web pages and use various search engines (Ex: Google, Yahoo, etc)
  • To view videos you will most likely need to have the latest version of RealPlayer installed on your computer

Blackboard Learn and Zoom Features that you may use during a course:

  • Navigation Buttons: Allows you to navigate within the Bb course.
  • Assignment tool: Used to send your assignment to your instructor.
  • Discussion Board: Online discussions
  • Collaboration tool: Virtual office hours and synchronous discussions.
  • Tools Button: Under the tools button you will be able to view grades, edit your Bb course home page, view class roster, and send an email.

Zoom: Allows you to take a quiz online

  • To participate in Zoom sessions, online students should have an integrated headphone and microphone.
  • A number of online classes require the use of webcams.
  • Zoom technical support

Software Packages – students may be asked to download/acquire the following

HSB Laptop Requirements 2017-18

Graduate Programs