• All Haub School of Business students are required to have a laptop running Microsoft Windows©.

  • Students have free access to Windows-based software packages throughout their time at SJU that are not supported by Apple.

  • Some business textbooks provide software not supported by Apple.

  • It is the sole responsibility of each student to have an acceptable Microsoft Windows©- based computer for all business classes.

Although not recommended because of compatibility issues, cost, and limited warranty options, Haub School of Business students are able to use a MacBook if Microsoft Windows© is installed.

If you have a MacBook and plan to use it for business classes, please adhere to the recommended and minimum technology requirements for all HSB students and follow these instructions:

  1. Microsoft Windows© is required for all Business Students. Windows can be purchased by the student from stores such as Staples and Best Buy. You may also purchase online from companies such as Amazon. You will need the full version, not the upgrade version. SJU cannot provide this software to students. Please be sure that the MacBook has a minimum of 8GB of RAM and Hard Drive of 256GB or larger. Note that the Windows© touch-screen feature is not available on a MacBook.
  2. Microsoft Office© for Windows© is required. Please note that Microsoft Office© for Mac is not the same product as the Windows© version. All business students must have a copy of the Windows© version of Microsoft Office© which is free to SJU students.
  3. The Technology Service Center can assist you in installing both Microsoft Windows© and Microsoft Office© for Windows on your Mac. Bring the original disks or download information for Microsoft Windows© to the Technology Service Center. Be prepared to leave your MacBook overnight at the Technology Service Center.