Laptop Requirements for Incoming Business Students

  • Incoming Business Students to Haub School of Business are required to have a Windows Laptop with minimum specs.
  • All Business Majors are required to have a laptop with Windows, but are not required to purchase through the SJU Laptop Program.

Non-Business Majors also are invited to take part in the Laptop Program!

Laptop Program 2019 Mailing Documents

Current Systems

Lenovo systems


Warranty Recommendations

Optional warranty is recommended.

The extended warranty protects you against hardware failure and accidental damage! Students with a valid warranty also are offered free loaner laptops when their system is sent out for repair.

MacBooks and HSB Students

All Haub School of Business students are required to have the Windows Operating System. MacBooks are not recommended for HSB students because of cost, limited warranty and incompatibility with many third party applications. MacBooks can be upgraded by installing Windows Operating System by following the instructions listed below. 

Are you a Business Major and a Mac user? If so, check out SJU Requirements.

  • In addition, choose a MacBook with the minimum specs required of incoming Business Major. If you plan to use a MacBook with Windows, be sure the hard drive is no smaller than 256GB.
  • Drives smaller than 256GB will not support a dual operating system.

Any questions? Call or email the Laptop office at 610-660-1678 |