General Education Committee

The terms for GEP committees are specified by the APP report on the “Mandate on the Creation of Permanent GEP Committees” approved by University Council at its May 2011 meeting and amended at its October, November and December 2011 meetings and by decisions of the GEP Oversight committee in the Fall 2012, Spring 2013, and Fall 2013 semesters.

Haub School of Business Assurance of Learning Committee

1. Review AOL measurable goals for Undergraduate core courses. (Ongoing)
2. Continue implementation of AOL processes for Undergraduate core courses (collect data and continue to assess goal achievement). Review collected data from past 3 semesters.
3. Review implementation of AOL measurable goals and metrics for all Graduate programs.
4. Continue implementation of AOL processes for Graduate core courses. (Collect data and begin to assess goal achievement)
5. Review data collection from AOL processes.
6. Review changes/modifications recommended from AOL processes.
7. Meet with Grad and UG Curriculum Committees at least once per year.
8. Coordinate University assessment process within Haub.