The FY 2019 Departmental Annual Report/Plan and Divisional Reports are due in June 15 and July 15 2019! Attend one of the workshops in May or schedule an in-person training with the IE Office!

Note: all Departmental Annual Reports (The FY 2019 Departmental Annual Report, FY2020 Plan and FY2021 Preliminary Plan) are due June 15, 2019, and the FY2019 Report, FY2020 Plan and FY2021 Priority Report for divisional level users are due July 15, 2019. All reports need to be submitted online through Campus Labs Compliance Assist Planning Module. Please check the video of the training and the User Guide posted under “Assessment- On Campus Workshops.” For assistance, please contact Wenjun Chi by emailing

Campus Labs Resources

Campus Labs Resources


  1. Visit (If you have trouble accessing the site, try Internet Explorer or Firefox.)
  2. Login using your SJU username and password.
  3. For more details please check the User Guide below

The Campus Labs Compliance Assist Planning SJU User Guide for the new interface can be found at this link

Rubrics and Methodology

Assessment 101: The Basics of Writing Learning Outcomes
Presentation (PDF)
Writing Learning Outcomes Worksheet (PDF)



Guide: Using the Student Response System: A Quick “How To” Guide

Video: Formative Assessment and the Student Response System 


Guide: Data Collection: Rubrics

Video: Using the New Campus Labs Rubrics Tool


Guide: The Survey Process: Start to Finish

Video: How to Build Your Own Surveys

Compliance Assist

Video: SJU Training for Planning Module

Video: Introduction to Campus Labs Compliance Assist: Planning

Video: Generating Reports for Various Stakeholder

Video: Creating Data Type Templates

Video: Creating Reports

Video: How to Pull Baseline Data into Campus Labs Compliance Assist Planning

Video: Ways to Report Your Data Using Compliance Assist Planning

Video: Creating User Roles & Assigning Permissions

Video: Relating Items

Video: Adding, Editing, & Deleting Planning Items

Video: Creating and Administering a Focus Group

MSCHE: *NEW* Accreditation Standards for 2017-2018 and Beyond

View the standards page here.

Standards for Accreditation and Requirements of Affiliation (2017-2018 and beyond)