On January 7-10, 2019, the Institute welcomed twenty scholars from nine countries to study together major issues in Christian-Jewish relations. Participants heard and discussed papers on topics that included identity and borders, fulfillment, Jewish and Christian missions, Christology, covenant, the Apostle Paul, and the connections between Christian-Jewish relations and global religious pluralism. A public session of the conference occurred on Tuesday evening January 8, 2019 in the Campion Student Center. 



<strong>Peter Admirand </strong><br />
Dublin City University<br />
Peter Admirand
Dublin City University
<strong>Karma Ben Johanan</strong><br /> 
Van Leer Jerusalem Institute, 
Karma Ben Johanan
Van Leer Jerusalem Institute, Israel
<strong>Mary C. Boys</strong><br />Union Theological Seminary<br />New York City, New York
Mary C. Boys
Union Theological Seminary
New York City, New York
<strong>Alan Brill</strong><br />Seton Hall University<br />South Orange, New Jersey
Alan Brill
Seton Hall University
South Orange, New Jersey
<strong>Ellen Charry</strong><br />Princeton Theological Seminary emerita<br />New Jersey
Ellen Charry
Princeton Theological Seminary emerita
New Jersey
<strong>Perry Dane</strong><br />Rutgers University<br />New Jersey
Perry Dane
Rutgers University
New Jersey
<strong>Gavin D'Costa</strong><br />University of Bristol<br />United Kingdom
Gavin D'Costa
University of Bristol
United Kingdom
<strong>Gregor Maria Hoff</strong><br />
University of Salzburg<br />Austria
Gregor Maria Hoff
University of Salzburg
<strong>Stanislaw Krajewski</strong><br />University of Warsaw<br />Poland
Stanislaw Krajewski
University of Warsaw
<strong>Matthew LaGrone</strong><br />University of Guelph<br />Ontario, Canada
Matthew LaGrone
University of Guelph
Ontario, Canada
<strong>Ruth Langer</strong><br />Boston College<br />Massachusetts
Ruth Langer
Boston College
<strong>Leo D. Lefebure</strong><br />Georgetown University<br />Washington, D.C.
Leo D. Lefebure
Georgetown University
Washington, D.C.
<strong>Amy-Jill Levine</strong><br />Vanderbilt University<br />Nashville, Tennessee
Amy-Jill Levine
Vanderbilt University
Nashville, Tennessee
<strong>Mark Nanos</strong><br />University of Kansas<br />Lawrence, Kansas
Mark Nanos
University of Kansas
Lawrence, Kansas
<strong>Peter A. Pettit</strong>
Muhlenberg College, 
Allentown, PA
Peter A. Pettit Muhlenberg College, Allentown, PA
<strong>Emma O'Donnell Polyakov</strong><br />Merrimack College<br />North Andover, Massachusetts
Emma O'Donnell Polyakov
Merrimack College
North Andover, Massachusetts
<strong>Christian M. Rutishauser</strong><br />Swiss Jesuit Province <br />Zurich, Switzerland
Christian M. Rutishauser
Swiss Jesuit Province
Zurich, Switzerland
<strong>Jesper Svartvik</strong><br />Lund University (em)<br />Lund, Sweden
Jesper Svartvik
Lund University (em)
Lund, Sweden
<strong>Matthew Tapie</strong><br />Saint Leo University<br />Saint Leo, Florida
Matthew Tapie
Saint Leo University
Saint Leo, Florida
<strong>Pim Valkenberg</strong><br />Catholic University of America<br />Washington, D.C.
Pim Valkenberg
Catholic University of America
Washington, D.C.

And from the Institute for Jewish-Catholic Relations:

<strong>Philip A. Cunningham</strong><br />Saint Joseph's University<br />Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Philip A. Cunningham
Saint Joseph's University
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
<strong>Adam Gregerman</strong><br />Saint Joseph's University<br />Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Adam Gregerman
Saint Joseph's University
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
<strong>Abraham Skorka</strong><br />Saint Joseph's University<br/>Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Abraham Skorka
Saint Joseph's University
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania