Institute directors interviewed for the Encyclopedia of Jewish-Christian Relations

Institute directors Dr. Philip A. Cunningham and Dr. Adam Gregerman were interviewed today by the project leaders of the new Encyclopedia of Jewish-Christian Relations. The projected four-volume reference work will be published in 2024 by the publisher DeGruyter, whose central offices are in Berlin, Germany.  The Executive Editor, Dr. Kathy Ehrensperger, and Office Manager, Dr. Juni Hoppe, provided an online introduction to the Encyclopedia as part of the annual conferences of the American Academy of Religion and the Society of Biblical Literature. During the session they interviewed Cunningham and Gregerman. Cunningham is a member of the project’s Advisory Board and has contributed an article on the “Second Vatican Council. Gregerman has composed the article on “Adam.” Together they co-wrote a major article on “Covenant,” and it was their experiences of this joint effort that was a main topic of the interview. Encyclopedia articles will be published online on a quarterly basis as they are completed. The video of the interview can be accessed HERE. The Encyclopedia’s webpages, including already posted articles, can be found on the DeGruyter website HERE.