SJU Marks Five Years Since Pope Francis’ Visit

SJU President Dr. Mark Reed welcomes Pope Francis to Hawk Hill, Sept. 27, 2015.

September 28, 2020

Yesterday marked the five-year anniversary of Pope Francis’ visit to Saint Joseph’s, an occasion that was remembered in Sunday’s Mass. The Holy Father, who was in town for the World Meeting of Families Congress, blessed the University’s “Synagoga and Ecclesia in Our Time” statue, which celebrates the University’s commitment to Jewish-Catholic relations — a commitment shared by the pope.

President Mark C. Reed, Ed.D., reflected on the pope’s leadership, faith and compassion: “Since his election, the Holy Father inspired us in so many ways. His ministry and leadership style have been a topic of discussion and an example in our classrooms. He has reenergized and strengthened our student body in their Catholic faith. And he has reminded all of us of the power of humility and compassion.”

As we reminisce, we also look back on Pope Francis’ discussion with Visiting University Professor Rabbi Abraham Skorka, Ph.D., on the publication of On Heaven and Earth, a book offering Jewish and Catholic perspectives on important topics including God, religion and politics, and we reflect on the first five years of Francis’ papacy.

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