IJCR directors to co-edit special issue of the journal RELIGIONS

The directors of the Institute for Jewish-Catholic Relations of Saint Joseph’s University, Dr. Adam Gregerman and Dr. Philip Cunningham, will be co-editing a special issue of the online, peer-reviewed journal Religions on the theme of “Christian Theologies of Jews and Judaism.” The issue is to be completed by May 1, 2021.

For nearly two millennia, Christian views of Jews and Judaism were almost exclusively critical and even hostile. It was not until the crisis of conscious catalyzed by the Shoah that many Christian communities and theologians began to critique long-unquestioned anti-Jewish Christian teachings. Theologically, the challenge was wide-ranging and included fundamental questions about, for example, how Scripture is read and interpreted, soteriology, ecclesiology, liturgy, and even basic language and terminology.

The co-editors invite scholars to submit proposals or papers that examine particular aspects of the developments in Christian thought in the aftermath of the Shoah. While we welcome submissions that engage biblical, pre-modern, or modern authors and texts, all essays should relate these topics to the dynamic changes that have taken place in Christian theology in the past seventy-five years. Also welcome are submissions employing diverse methodologies, which can be drawn from the fields of theology, religious studies, history, sociology, and others. We especially invite submissions that make constructive theological contributions to the emerging new relationship between Christians and Jews.

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