Institute Concludes Its First International Conference and Roundtable

From January 7-10, 2019, the Institute hosted 20 scholars from nine nations for a four-day conference and roundtable to study major topics in Christian-Jewish relations. Residing at the Saint Raphaela Center in Haverford, the participants, whose names and institutions can be found HERE, presented and discussed papers on the topics that follow.

(seated, l to r:) Ruth Langer, Adam Gregerman, Leo Lefebure, Perry Dane, Abraham Skorka, Amy-Jill Levine, Mary Boys (standing:) Peter Pettit, Philip Cunningham, Jesper Svartvik, Gavin D’Costa, Stanislaw Krajewski, Alan Brill, Gregor Hoff, Emma Polyakov, Peter Admirand, Karma Ben Johanon, Pim Valkenberg, Mark Nanos, Matthew LaGrone, Christian Rutishauser, Matthew Tapie

  • Peter Admirand, “Following the Breadcrumbs: Jesus as Superfluous to Salvation? A Catholic Search”
  • Karmen Ben Johanan, “On the Use and Abuse of Theology in Christian-Jewish Reconciliation”
  • Mary C. Boys, “Tis a Gift to Be Simple: Elucidating Complexity”
  • Alan Brill, “The Illumination of the Arc”
  • Ellen Charry, “For God’s Sake: The Wall of Hostility Has Come Down”
  • Philip Cunningham, “Musings on Challenges for Christologies and Soteriologies ‘of Shalom’”
  • Perry Dane, “Paths and Wrong Turns in Interreligious Encounter”
  • Gavin D’Costa, “A Case for Minimalist Catholic Zionism”
  • Adam Gregerman, “Comparing the Covenants: From ‘Bad vs. Good’ to ‘Good and Better’”
  • Gregor Maria Hoff, “Beyond a ‘Mission to the Jews’? – Argumentative Perspectives from a Fundamental Theological View”
  • Stanislaw Krajewski, “To What Extent Can Jewish-Christian Dialogue Be Generalized to Other Interfaith Relations?”
  • Matthew LaGrone, “Can There Be a Jewish Theology of Mission? A Maimonidean Approach”
  • Ruth Langer, “Jewish Universalism?: The Nations in the High Holy Day Liturgy”
  • Leo Lefebure, “The Significance of the Jewishness of Jesus for Dialogues with Muslims, Hindus, and Buddhists”
  • Amy-Jill Levine, “A Response to Gavin D’Costa on A Case for Minimalist Catholic Zionism”
  • Mark Nanos, “‘The Covenant Never Revoked’: Promising Prospects of Re-visiting the Historical Paul’s Appeal to Covenant”
  • Peter Pettit, Response to Mark Nanos: “‘The Covenant Never Revoked’: Promising Prospects of Re-visiting the Historical Paul’s Appeal to Covenant”
  • Emma O’Donnell Polyakov, “Framing Jews through a Christian Lens: Depictions of the Jewish People in Catholic Documents on Jewish-Christian Relations”
  • Christian Rutishauser, “What Kind of Christian Mission to the Jews?”
  • Abraham Skorka, “Friendship with Francis and the Blessings of Interreligious Dialogue”
  • Jesper Svartvik, “‘I Have Come Not to Abolish but to Fulfill.’ Reflections on Understanding Christianity as Fulfillment without Presupposing Supersessionism”
  • Matthew Tapie, “Aquinas on the ‘Five Ways’ of Fulfillment: Christ’s Fulfillment of the Law in St. Thomas Aquinas’s Commentary on Matthew and its relevance for the Jewish-Catholic Dialogue”
  • Pim Valkenberg, “Jews and Christians as People of Scripture: Moving Beyond Supersessionism?”

Following the roundtable discussions of the presentations, the participants examined in separate Jewish and Christian groups the most intriguing topics and pressing questions in their own and the other tradition.

The final day of the conference began with a memorial service in honor of the late Rabbi Dr. Michael Signer, who died ten years ago that day.