Hear insights, trends, predictions and best practices from the experts

The Family Business Legacy Speaker Series is an exclusive opportunity for the family business and entrepreneurial community to gather and discuss hot topics and best practices with thought leaders, brand icons and industry experts.

Occurring twice a year, these exciting events feature recognized and respected business leaders and explore a wide range of topics relevant to today's family businesses and entrepreneurs such as fundamentals for making your family business better, faster and stronger and strategies for effective management transitions.

The series encourages participants to:

  • Anticipate and prepare for the next stage of development in their family business
  • Consider the impact of decisions
  • Celebrate shared values
  • Chart the course for future success

Our Legacy Speakers have included:

aduiepyle_logoMay, 2016

yuengling_logoSeptember, 2016          View photo gallery

yuengling_logoMarch, 2017              View photo gallery

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