“As the next generation in my family business, it has really been valuable to have a confidential discussion with my peers about the unique to family business, yet common, issues and challenges we face.”

The Peer Advantage

Designed to get to the heart of the family business, Peer Advisory Groups facilitate accelerated networking and connection that can only be achieved through an affinity group.

Leaders of family businesses deal with an emotional messiness that is not found in nonfamily business, and rather than remaining trapped within the confines of the family, peer groups offer a safe space to discuss these challenges with other leaders who understand the complex and messy family dynamics, as well as more conventional business roadblocks.

Meeting every other month, for a total of 6 half-day (approximately 4 hours) sessions per year, your Peer Advisory Group is a regular and voluntary gathering of ten to fifteen individuals who meet to explore and discuss family business issues of mutual interest.


  • Supportive, encouraging and confidential setting to discuss openly and freely business successes, problems and learning moments.
  • Group offers different perspective. Peers are often from different industries, providing multiple views of similar business issues.
  • Ability to learn and grow professionally, but also develop close friendships and camaraderie. Enjoy time spent with likeminded business leaders who also understand the additional element of family politics and share similar challenges with succession planning, organizational structure and economic financial impact.
  • Opportunity to test run potential strategies with other business peers before putting them into action.

Join a Group!

2017-2018 Open Peer Advisory Groups*:

  • C-Suite
  • Next Generation of Business Leaders

*Peer Advisory Groups are a premium membership offering of The Initiative for Family Business and Entrepreneurship.

To apply for a spot in a Peer Advisory Group, an individual must first enroll their family business in annual membership ($1,299/year). A Peer Advisory Group may be added on for $999/individual.

Essential Elements of a Successful Peer Group:

  1. Cue the Trust Falls! - Trust among members; openness and honesty about sensitive issues
  2. You Get What you Give - Validity of information and advice provided
  3. No Judgement Zone – Spirit of confidentiality and encouragement
  4. Hey, Don’t I Know You? - Important similarities among members; everyone sharing in the same overarching goal: help my company to succeed and thrive!
  5. We’re Dialoguing Here - Effectiveness of the facilitator in keeping the conversation flowing yet staying focused and on-topic; encouragement of participation and discussion