Ownership Assesment

Ownership Strategy Assessment 

Your participation in our program begins with the creation of your customized Ownership Strategic Plan. Like a strategic plan for your business, your Ownership Strategic Plan defines the long-term direction and guidelines for your ownership team.

To begin this work, we will conduct an on-line confidential survey of your shareholder team.  Based on the information we gather, we will provide you with a confidential feedback report, the outcome of which is a clear set of “action steps” for your ownership team.

How do I access this benefit?

Identify the adult members of the family, provide their email address and we will distribute the confidential survey.  The survey will take approximately 20 minutes to complete.   The IFBE will then compile the results and provide you with a customized feedback report.

What is the outcome of this process?

The Ownership Strategy Assessment becomes a roadmap for your family business and identifies the specific areas you must address to achieve long-term family business success.  With this roadmap in hand, we will facilitate a family meeting to begin your Ownership Strategic Planning process.


For more information:

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