SJU IFBE Breakfast Seminar: “Succeeding in a Hyper-Competitive Global Economy” on March 19, 2014


The Saint Joseph’s University Initiative for Family Business and Entrepreneurship (IFBE) hosted the Breakfast Workshop, “Succeeding in a Hyper-Competitive Global Economy: Preparing for Competition from Down the Street and Across the World” on Wednesday, March 19, 2014. 

The reality for all businesses, large and small, manufactures and service providers, is that the impact of global trends will present great risks and potential rewards for family firms of all sizes. Ignoring this risk will not make it go away.

Local business leaders who are competing internationally discussed using their “Familiness Advantage” to do so. Our panelists were Michael Cardone III of Cardone Industries, Inc., Robert Healey Jr., Executive Co-Chairman at the Viking Group, and Robert Santiago III of Para-Plus

Key points of discussion included:

  • Why you need to focus on global issues… now!
  • How key trends in globalization can impact the supply side and demand side of your business.
  • How to analyze the impact of globalization on your supply chain and customer value proposition.
  • How local business leaders are using their “Familiness” as an advantage as they compete across the globe.
  • Assessing your business model and your exposure the globalization risks.

Click here to read the article Robert Santiago III  mentioned in his presentation,  “When Conducting Business in Global Markets…Work With a Professional.” This article was published in March 3rd issue of Fortune Magazine and was retrieved from there