SJU IFBE Breakfast Seminar: Is your “Familiness” a Competitive Advantage…or a Competitive Constraint? on 3/13/2013


Does your firm have a true competitive advantage? Many firms think they have a competitive advantage, when in fact, they do not. Others fail to recognize where they do indeed have an advantage.

This interactive workshop explored how your family business can use your “Familiness Advantage” to compete and win – whether your competition is local, national, or international. We used a case study discussion of a real-life home improvement business that is faced with sudden competition from Home Depot. In the midst of this struggle, the family learns how to identify and leverage their unique competitive advantage – and in doing so, learned to view itself not just a “home improvement” family, but also as an economic unit.

Participants  improved their strategic thinking capabilities with specific tools to:

  • Identify the unique resources and capabilities in your family firm
  • A planning process that builds strategies on these resources and capabilities
  • Strengthen your “Familiness” advantages and address your “Famliness” constraints.
  • Compete and win based on these unique competitive advantage