SJU IFBE Breakfast Seminar: “Your Money Motto” on 10/24/2013


Is your current relationship with money empowering you and your family, or limiting your achievement of what matters most?Author Franco Lombardo pushed the audience to explore their views on wealth, money and how to talk about it with your family.  He has extensive experience helping families re-define wealth by discovering the critical relationship between one’s Money Motto® and personal values. Franco’s practical facilitation supports people in the process of recognizing their dreams and making them real.    Perhaps most importantly, he provided specific insights on how wealth impacts relationship and family, and ensure your kids have a healthy relationship with money.

Main points from Money Motto by Franco Lombardo :

  • How to find you authentic wealth: Having wealth goes beyond having money.
    • What is your current relationship with money?
    • What is your current Money Motto? Does is match up with your core values and contribute to your empowerment in becoming accomplished?
    • What restricts or limits you from accomplishing your goals, or achieving your ideal money motto?
    • Life goes where you focus:
      • Allow yourself to have a dream. Explore possibilities of things you want to do versus doing things you have to do in order to be perceived in the light that you want people to see you in.
      • Focus on celebrating what you have versus concentrating on what you lack. Keep your glass half full.
      • Realize your authentic wealth by coming to the conclusion that your personal worth is not equated by your net worth.
      • Your money motto: What does Money mean to you? What is your expectation from money?
        • More money means more control?
        • Money allows me to fit in?
        • Money makes me loveable?
        • Money is a measure of achievement?
        • Money is a measure of my worth?
        • Money and Children:
          • How was money discussed in your home?
          • Was money an open discussion, or off the table?
          • What is your parent’s money motto? Is it a reflection of your own?
          • The meaning of Wealth:
            • Human wealth: In correlation with money, how do your values, behaviors, and belief’s define who you are? How has your childhood and life experiences affected this definition of yourself?
            • Intellectual wealth: Who you are (your human wealth) in correlation to who you want to become. What are your goals for your money motto? What do you have to change about your behaviors, belief’s, and values for money in order to become your ideal self?
              • After identifying these changes, how will you act on them?
              • What are you teaching your children about money?
  • Legacy Wealth: Your legacy does not have to be a dollar amount, nor the material items you have possessed.  Legacy can be defined as:
    •  What you give back to your community
    • Your contributions or the impact you’ve made on people
    • Family belief’s, behaviors and values
    • Items of aesthetic, emotional, or spiritual value (may be of little monetary value, i.e. a family recipe)
  • Financial wealth: where most efforts and planning are directed. Financial wealth is the quantitative component of wealth that includes the amount of money you have and your material assets.


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