Welcome to the Initiative for Family Business and Entrepreneurship

Family businesses are the most significant drivers of the world’s economy. In the United States:

20 of 22 million businesses are family controlled
Over 62 percent of American jobs were created by family business
64 percent of the country’s GDP is generated by family business
Most importantly, family businesses outperform non-family firms in nearly every measure of competitive success. Yet this success does not come easy, as family leaders face unique challenges of managing the needs of the business, the family ownership group, and individual family members.

The goal of Saint Joseph’s Initiative for Family Business and Entrepreneurship is to help family businesses compete in the long-term. We will do this by building a community of family businesses and entrepreneurs who are committed to continuous improvement. Our unique membership program will help you:

Transition leadership.
Manage conflict.
Continue a legacy of entrepreneurship.
Build accountability structures.
Create a competitive advantage.
Build a unified family shareholder team.