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IFBE Core Programming

Peer Advisory Groups

Build your support network and share personal accounts of business wins, challenges and setbacks in a safe space with facilitated peer-based learning and accountability.

Executive Education

Learn from subject matter experts and hear from other families who have been there, done that via quarterly panel-style seminars, on-demand webinars, and legacy speaker series.

Individualized Family Coaching

Take your family’s pulse by participating in confidential online surveys to define goals unique to your business, and then develop your action plan in our 1-on-1 strategizing workshops.

“Attending the family business focused seminars and webinars at Saint Joseph’s University has really increased my knowledge about unique family business issues and has provided my family with options for addressing challenges and stuck points in our family business. (Basically helped me understand what I didn’t know that I didn’t know!)”

The Family Business Impact

An estimated 90% of companies in North America are family-owned businesses. Most importantly, these businesses generate 57% of the United States’ GDP and create 70% of all new jobs in North America (EY Family Business Yearbook, 2014).

As an entrepreneurial family, you have the ability to positively impact not only your family relationships, but also the local and global economy, the job market, and the philanthropic community all by taking the steps to set up your business for success.

The Initiative for Family Business & Entrepreneurship helps you position your business at the core of it all. Learn more about Our Mission.

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