- Skilled -

The contributions of our employees continue to support our students

- Dedicated -

Our faculty and staff accomplishments are admirable and memorable

- Awesome -

Bonds are created across our campus to make SJU a community.

40 Years

Owen Gilman, English

30 Years

Frank Bernt, Teacher Education
Roseanne Brady, Modern & Classical Languages
Dawn Burdsall, Office of the Provost
Susan Donahue, Kinney Center for Autism
Michael Glavin, Track
Stella Jacobs, Finance
Robert Lynch, Golf
Scott McRobert, Biology
Jodi Mindell, Psychology
Kathleen Toner, Campus Ministry
John Tsafos, Facilities Management
Martha VanAuken, Drexel Library

Bene Merenti Awards

Karen Hogan, Finance
Shawn Krahmer, Theology & Religious Studies
Alison Lewin, History
Maria Marsilio, Modern & Classical Languages
Samuel Smith, Math
Richard Warren, History

20 Years

Lauren Adams, Technology Support Services
Kimberly Allen-Stuck, Success Center
James Carter, History
Neill Crowley, Management
Louis D'Angelo, Biology
Susan DelFra, Honors Program
Rachel Hall, Math
Meryl Halpern, International Students & Scholars
Richard Herschel, Decision & System Sciences
Thomas Kaeo, Research Services
William Lukasiewicz, Sports Medicine
Rashmi Malhotra, Decision & System Sciences
Brian Peterson, Facilities Management
Patricia Smith, Academy of Food Marketing
Andy Starr, Application Services
David Steingard, Management
Marie Stortini, Sociology
James Wilson, Media Services

10 Years

Keith Brown, Sociology
Sarah Brown, Application Services
Janee Burkhalter, Marketing
Denine Carlton, Public Safety & Security
Catherine Collins, Drexel Library
Christine Coulter, Graduate Criminal Justice
Theresa Crossan, Chemistry
Rebecca Crossfield, Teacher Education
Steven Frazier, Public Safety & Security
Jaclyn Galbally, Special Education
Kristen Goldberg, Learning Resources
Javier Gil Gordillo, Modern & Classical Languages
Alan Hazen, Graduate Criminal Justice

James Hebbeler, Philosophy
Rebecca Hemphill, Development & Alumni Services
Marsel Jahaj, Public Safety & Security
Aimee Knight, Communications
Charles Kocher, Graduate Criminal Justice
Lynn Langnas, Alumni Relations
Michael LaPaglia, Graduate Criminal Justice
J. Lyons, Communications
Byron McCook, Educational Leadership
Daniel McDevitt, Student Success
Edward McGovern, Public Safety & Security
Thomas Monaghan, Alumni Relations

Edward Murphy, Graduate Criminal Justice
Heather Murray, Financial Aid
John Pappas, Philosophy
Meghan Patton, Management
Wadell Ridley, Government & Community Relations
Kenneth Rovine, Teacher Education
Laura Savage, Financial Aid
Becki Scola, Political Science
Susan Sullivan, Modern & Classical Languages
Eileen Sullivan, Interdisciplinary Health
Felice Tilin, Organization & Development Leadership
Michael Weinberg, Graduate Criminal Justice
Eric Weislogel, Philosophy