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Total Years of Service
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These members of our SJU family are retiring but their contributions throughout the years will be remembered and much appreciated.

Jeanne F. Brady

Educational Leadership

20 Years of Teaching and University Leadership

Sharon O'Grady Eisenmann

Human Resources

15 Years as Chief Human Resources Officer

Maria del Carmen Faccini

Modern and Classical Languages

17 Years of Teaching

Edward P. Gorrie

Student Health Center

39 Years Serving Students and a University Physician.

Elizabeth Linehan, RSM


43 Years Teaching and Challenging Students.

John McCall


38 Years Teaching

Willliam McDevitt


29 Years of Teaching.

Robert Moore


31 Years of Teaching.

Nina Nilsson

Teacher Education

11 Years of Teaching

Patrick Saparito


10 Years of Teaching.

40 Years!

After 40 years I have many wonderful memories of being at SJU. Most are of the people here, many of whom have become good friends; the students - so many over 40 years, and so great when they come back with their families; so many great sporting events; so many changes and how the University has grown.  What a marvelous experience!

A favorite memory was very personal - giving my youngest son his diploma at Commencement.  What a thrill!

Women's Basketball

Kathleen MacDonald

Personal Attribute:  Caring and Reliable

One of my fondest memories of Kathy was her presenting a diploma to her son Raymon at graduation. 

Kathy's 40 years spans 5 decades as an administrative assistant in Athletics---a time with the Athletics Director; a time with associate AD for recreation and facilities; and the most recent 10 years with the women's basketball staff.  The constant has been that Kathy is the "face and ears" to thousands of visitors and calls; her welcoming, gracious and helpful attitude puts people at ease.  Your first positive impression of the university was created when you met Kathy.  She is a great listener so you walked away knowing that she cared!  Down to earth, selfless, faith and a family-centered person who always was impeccably dressed for any occasion.

Kathy and her family have been "hawked' and she helps many others being "hawked."  Two of her children and 2 grandchildren graduated from SJU so the MacDonald legacy on Hawk Hill will continue into the future.  Please join us in thanking and celebrating Kathy for her 40 years on hawk hill---well done good and faithful servant!

Written by Don DiJulia, Claire Ariano, Stephanie McCaffrey, Cynthia Griffin


Armand Brignola

Information Technology

Harmony is one of Armand's personal attributes that defines his personality.

When Armand started his career in the mailroom thirty years ago, there was an old military style Jeep that had been painted gray that was used to deliver and pick up mail around campus. As is Armand’s way to do “whatever it takes” to get the job done, in order to start the Jeep, Arm needed to uncap part of the engine, insert a pen into the carborator, and, give the Jeep some gas every day in order to get the mail around campus. 


Armand started his career at SJU in mailroom thirty years ago, since then, Arm has achieved so many goals including getting his bachelor’s degree, working his way through many roles in the Office of Information Technology (OIT) department, getting his Project Management Professional (PMP) certification and in May he will graduate with his Executive MBA. During that time, he has gotten married and raised three children with his wonderful wife, Maryann.  Armand is willing to fearlessly take on just about any new challenge. When he first joined OIT in Data Center Operations back in 1999, he had to learn about technology procedures and processes with which he had no familiarity. He mastered these with ease. Later, when we took on the HawkCard initiative, he was able to quickly grasp the data flows and the technical details of how to properly build cards so they could be used for both building access and for purchase.


During Armand’s time working at Saint Joseph's University, he has had an amazing impact on the OIT and the deployment of technology initiatives. Recently, Armand has served as the project manager of the Canvas Learning Management System implementation. This implementation impacts the quality of the teaching and learning experience. He has worked with academic administrators, faculty, technical staff, external vendors and students fostering trusted relationships directly supporting the OIT mission of enriching student-centered education.

Written by Jill Cleary

Robert Moore


One of My Favorite Memories: I look back fondly on my experiences accompanying students on the Appalachian Experience.

Also, I have very fond memories of my colleagues in the Department of Sociology, and, of course, the many students I have met over the years.

Rob is deeply dedicated to his students, the faculty and staff at SJU.

Rob arrived at SJU in 1988 with a joint JD/Ph.D. He was one of the best hiring decisions ever made. Rob has taught thousands of students to love the discipline and particularly the Sociology of Work and the Sociology of Law. He has inspired countless numbers of students to pursue law degrees and work for social justice once achieving their JD's. He has also accompanied student groups to Appalachia so many times that he developed a course, the Sociology of Appalachia. Rob is an expert on social inequality and a staunch advocate for those who are marginalized. It is this passion which has inspired so many students to pursue graduate degrees, law degrees and to work to challenge social inequities wherever they see them in the world. 


Rob is fondly known as the King of Service--within the department, the college, and the University. He is deeply dedicated to Saint Joseph's University and has served (and most frequently led) every important committee at the University. He does this with great humor, patience, and the most diplomatic personality of anyone I have ever met. Rob cares deeply about social justice and equity and his concern with these values have led him to be our most important advocate for faculty and staff at SJU.His diplomatic personality made him the perfect person to lead our faculty through challenging changes in leadership--he did this cheerfully and with extreme patience as President of the Faculty Senate. Rob worked tirelessly in this position and his colleagues were in awe of his diplomacy skills and his ability to work with faculty, administration and the Board of Trustees. 


Rob will be remembered by his colleagues for his love of folk music, his passion for his friends and his wonderful wife Joanie, and his sense of humor. There is not a departmental meeting that does not end with tears streaming down his colleagues' faces (and his own) because of Rob's wit. His amazing institutional memory and sarcasm are legendary. Our students, our department and our University community will deeply miss Rob when he retires this spring. He is irreplaceable!

Written by Raquel Kennedy Bergen

Joseph A. Christina, Sr.

Information Technology

One of My Favorite Memories:  Watching my son and daughter graduate.


Joe has been a fixture as the campus ‘phone guy’ for nearly three decades now. Before joining the I.T. department, Joe worked in Facilities Management where he installed and managed CHIEF, their first networked work order system. Since transitioning to IT, Joe has contributed his skills and institutional knowledge to a number of successful projects including the conversion of an antiquated Centrex system to our current on-site enterprise phone system. He has worked on numerous hardware and software upgrades as well as the implementation of several generations of application systems for voice messaging, Emergency Notification, call recording, call reporting, 911 service, and our on-line Directory database. Joe has been responsible for the day-to-day programming and support of all our telecommunications systems for the SJU community for more than 20 years. 


Joe is a unique character with a prodigious talent for troubleshooting and deliberation. Around campus people know Joe as an affably loquacious colleague always eager to share his stories and random trivia. Joe’s good nature and fondness for his favorite subject was manifest during an evening of ‘Joepardy’, a legendary IT social event. He loves to recite his tales of his South Philly childhood and to discuss his upcoming Disney vacation plans. Aside from being a valued member of the University community, Joe is a devoted husband and father whose two children are proud SJU graduates.

Written by James (Brian) Shepherd

Gregory DiPasquale

Facilities Management

Greg has given Saint Joseph’s 30 years of excellent service, beginning as a grounds crew member. Greg wanted to move into a mechanical position and underwent the appropriate training to receive his Boiler and HVAC certifications, allowing him to reach his goal of becoming a Power Plant Mechanic. As such, Greg is in charge of pump replacements in Post Hall, rebuilding pumps in the main boiler plant, and repairing condensate receivers.

Greg has the ability and talent to take on the tough jobs that in most cases would be handled by an outside contractor. Greg has worked hard to gain his current position and he is a dependable and trustworthy member of the SJU family.

Anne Szewczyk

Office of the Dean, College of Arts & Sciences

One of My Favorite Memories: Working side by side with my dedicated colleagues is my favorite memory at SJU.

Outstanding work ethic, efficiency, warm personality.

Anne Szewczyk joined SJU thirty years ago, and she has been serving the faculty and staff in CAS for the past 22 years as Manager of Academic Computing Services. Previously, Anne worked at the Office of Information Technology as a Computer Training Specialist and Faculty Liaison. Most of us here recall many times when she assisted us both as a leader and a team player.


Immediately upon Anne’s arrival at SJU, faculty saw and appreciated her strong work ethic, demand for high-quality performance from herself and from those she worked with and for, and insistence upon innovative and creative change and improvement in academic computing services. With Anne, faculty now had a person they could speak with about technology needs for their own scholarly endeavors, someone who listened thoughtfully and sensitively to them and understood precisely what would work best for their desires and needs. Most important, Anne backs words with swift actions and integrity – if she promises you something, she will deliver it exactly as you agreed upon. Anne reads and responds to emails with lightning speed. She is perfectly organized, efficient and attentive to the computing needs of CAS faculty and staff. Mastery of her field, honesty, and integrity are hallmarks of her work – she holds herself to the highest professional standards and will accept nothing less than stellar performance in her job responsibilities. Her job responsibilities have evolved and expanded while she has handled all of them with consummate skill, poise, equanimity, and supreme dedication to this university and its people and mission.


After collaborating with Dr. Ann Raia on the "Creative Explorations: Digital Technology for the Humanities" workshop in 2010, Dr. Raia, Professor Emerita of Modern and Classical Languages at the College of New Rochelle, said the following about Anne Szewczyk: "We feel most fortunate to have had Anne Szewczyk as the workshop point person -- she was responsive, diligent, skilled, organized and gracious, a rare combination of good qualities." That is the Anne Szewczyk we know and treasure.

Written by Maria Marsilio

Bene Merenti Award

25 Years of Teaching.


Eileen D. Grogan

Personal Attribute:  Cares Deeply

Eileen cares deeply about excellence in her teaching, research, service, and attention to students. Especially, the students- she puts them first. To students, Eileen is formidable on the outside and in her insistence on learning and excellence- but they soon see that this strictness comes from a desire to help students achieve what they may not even realize they are capable of.

In addition to teaching and advising, Eileen has served on several university and college level committees and served as the Associate Director of the McNulty Scholars program. She has served on several Honors Thesis committees in the Department of Biology, offering guidance and helpful suggestions to students conducting honors research. Eileen has been a member of the Health Professions Advisory Committee for several years, playing an important role in the guidance of students seeking professional degrees in the health sciences. She is a tireless advisor to Biology students. She has taught Comparative Anatomy and Developmental biology, upper division courses, for about as long as she has been here. She also has taught many non-majors in The Human Organism course, and most recently, in the new Exploring the Living World GEP natural science lab course.

Eileen has been part of a research program involving paleontology of ancient fish, conducting field research in Bear Gulch, Montana, for more than 20 years. Bear Gulch is an internationally known paleontological site, preserving a unique 323 million-year-old tropical marine bay. Field research on a paleontological site is not really a picnic- it involves camping in tents for four or more weeks, working outside in the hot Montana sun all day. In addition to doing the fieldwork, as I understand it, Eileen is also instrumental as one of the camp cooks for the research team.

Eileen was honored for her service as Associate Director of the McNulty Scholars program. The McNulty program students presented her a gift of a framed photo montage. Eileen was clearly moved, as were the students. In a short time, she built strong bonds with these young women that will be a lasting memory.

Written by Christina King Smith


Kevin Clapano


One of My Favorite Memories: Playing golf with my mentor Paul DeVito, John McCall, and Gary Rogers at the Jim "Bo" Boyle Golf Outing hosted by Phil Martelli.

Ad maiorem Dei gloriam is the guiding principle of Kevin's life.

My fondest memory is Kevin and Monika's wedding in 2007. They were such a lovely couple who were truly meant for each other. Now they are happy parents of three beautiful children. (two sons and one daughter).


Kevin joined SJU in 1998 as the Post Hall Network Manager. From 2004-2012, he worked at ERDLC as Senior Director, Technology Management and Evaluation Research. From 2012-2014, he worked at ATDL as the Senior Director, Academic Services and Faculty Development. And from 2014 on, Kevin serves as the Director, Assessment and Data Analysis for the Education Unit. In 2010, Kevin received his Doctorate in Education degree from Saint Joseph's University. Kevin has made great contributions to the people he serves, and, to the mission of SJU. Moreover, over the past 20 years, he has become my close friend and a valued colleague. 


Kevin lives his faith and the values in which he believes. He is warm, personable, and always has a smile on his face. It's always a pleasure to work with Kevin, and he delivers the highest quality of work in everything he does.

Written by Anne Szewczyk

Marian Courtney

Drexel Library

One of My Favorite Memories:  Dedication of the PLC.

Warm and Welcoming

I always enjoy catching up with Marian about the recent books she is reading to share recommendations with each other.


Marian is a very thoughtful and inclusive member of our SJU and Post-Learning Commons Community. She makes intentional efforts to be welcoming of new members and invite colleagues to university events, aiming to build community with all around her. Marian supports her colleagues by attending programs hosted by various departments to support their initiatives and broaden her own professional experience. She is committed to mission-related work on campus and faith-based events. Marian works to make the Post-Leaning Commons a comfortable place for students, faculty, and staff to work and build community. Her dedicated work-ethic ensures all runs smoothly within the Post-Learning Commons. Marion is caring about others' personal matters and devoted is to her family. She enjoys literature, and encourages others to be active learners and educators.

Written by Danielle Critelli

Joseph A. DiAngelo, Jr.

Erivan K. Haub School of Business

One of My Favorite Memories:  My time as SJU baseball coach from 1974 to 1980.

Loyal, devoted, risk-taker. Big ideas and a big heart. Adores this place.

Joe received a B.S. degree from Saint Joseph's University, an MBA from Widener University, and a doctorate from Temple University. Under Joe's leadership, the Haub School has doubled its enrollment and expanded its academic offerings, many of which have received top national rankings--most notable, in food marketing and in risk management and insurance. Joe's entrepreneurial spirit and creative restlessness has inspired significant initiatives at the University, let alone at the Haub School.


The Pedro Arrupe Center for Business Ethics has institutionalized how business ethics is taught in the classroom across all business disciplines. The Initiative for Family Business and Entrepreneurship has provided consultative support to family businesses helping them thrive from one generation to the next. The Center for Professional Development has provided the corporate community with relevant professional development by top faculty experts. The Maguire Academy of Insurance and Risk Management has provided thought leadership among leaders in the industry. Finally, The Office of Veteran's Services has elevated the way in which the University has recruited and supported veterans and their families, and equipped veterans see their business ideas come to light. Joe's contributions extend beyond Saint Joseph's--to a global reach when he served as the Chair of the Board of Directors of AACSB International, the premier accrediting organization for business schools throughout the world. He also served as President of the Middle Atlantic Association of Colleges of Business Administration in the 1990s. Joe had served as the Dean of the School of Business at Widener University for 13 years prior to joining Saint Joseph's University.


No doubt, Joe has been an influencer in business higher education and in the business community. The enduring relationships and friendships that he has cultivated, along with his entrepreneurial mind and business acumen, has made Joe a respected business school leader in the country. A dear friend, a devoted colleague, and a fierce advocate to many, Joe has transformed the Haub School to be a top-ranking business school in the country.

Written by Vana Zervanos

Babak Forouraghi

Computer Science

Dedicated to his profession

Babak joined the University in 1998 when Computer Science was still part of the Mathematics department. As a new assistant professor, he was instrumental in introducing major changes in the program such as introduction of the Java programming language as well as incorporating practical components such as database and web programming into the curriculum.


Over the years, Babak has contributed to several important projects, which include the creation of the new Computer Science Department, ABET accreditation of the Computer Science Program, formation of graduate concentrations in Web & Database Technologies and Cybersecurity, and establishing a co-op program with SAP America. Involving students in research has been one of Babak's passions in the past twenty years at SJU, and he has co-authored several papers with his undergraduate and graduate students in scholarly Artificial Intelligence conferences and journals.

Written by Babak Forouraghi

Ann E. Green


One of My Favorite Memories:  My Mom coming to graduation to see me receive the Lindback award for teaching.

Ann is a warrior for social justice.

From the time that she joined Saint Joseph’s, Ann whole-heartedly involved herself in teaching Service-Learning courses. She offered the first-ever Service-Learning section of the first-year GER courses “The Craft of Language” and “Texts and Contexts.” Her service-learners’ work has served as a model of what good service-learning experiences should be and do. She continues to teach such courses. In the current semester, she is teaching a service-learning study tour to Northern Ireland, "Identities in Conflict." Along with Dr. Betsy Linehan, she is teaching the Inside-Out course "Life and Boundaries," whereby a group of SJU students study along with students who are imprisoned. I should point out that all of Ann's courses involve a consideration of social justice issues. In fact, Ann received the 2017 Outstanding Leader in Experiential Education in Higher Education award by the National Society for Experiential Education (NSEE). 


Ann also started the University Writing Center, where she served as the director for many years, and her inspired leadership helps account for its vital presence in the SJU community today. She served in many important roles at SJU, including the Director of the graduate Writing Studies Program, a long-time member of ABFC, and the president of Faculty Senate. Yet despite her many teaching and service obligations, Dr. Green continues to be a prolific and well-regarded scholar, whose writings further demonstrate her commitment to social justice issues. Her articles include “ “The Writing Center and the Parallel Curriculum: Creative Writing and Service-Learning in the Writing Center”; “Notes Toward a Multicultural Writing Center: ‘The Problems of Language in a Democratic State’”; “Difficult Stories: Service-Learning, Race, Class, and Whiteness”; “Learning to Tell Stories: Pedagogy, ‘the Personal,’ and Social Class”; “’But You Aren’t White’: Racial Perceptions and Service-Learning”; “Literature and Service-Learning: Thinking Through Subject Positions”; “Writing the Personal: Narrative, Social Class, and Feminist Pedagogy”; and “The Places We Come From, The Places We’re Going: Class, Race, and Writing.” She has published in such significant venues as College Composition and Communication, The Chronicle of Higher Education, and Academe.

Written by Jo Alyson Parker

Marlene Harper

Student Health Center

One of My Favorite Memories:  Watching the Pope visit with my children.

Marlene is a very caring person. Her care shows through her commitment to students and their needs.

Marlene is amazing at getting an appointment for a student! If she meets resistance, she doesn't take no for an answer. She will keep trying until the students get the help she needs.


Marlene has been through many transitions throughout her twenty years at St. Joseph's. During Marlene's time, the health center has had many changes in regards to charting, renovations, a flood, and many staff changes.   Marlene is a very nurturing person both at work and at home, where she cares for her daughter Holly and her granddaughter Savannah. She is also responsible for her elderly mother.

Written by Eileen Bevilacqua

Richard Haslam


Richard Haslam, a native of Belfast, Northern Ireland, received his undergraduate degree from Saint Catharine’s College, University of Cambridge, and his doctorate from Trinity College, University of Dublin.  Formerly Lecturer in Irish Literature at The Institute of Irish Studies, University of Liverpool, he is presently an Associate Professor of English at Saint Joseph’s University.  His published scholarship includes studies of Irish Gothic and Northern Irish Troubles fiction. In addition to first-year writing courses, he teaches a range of upper-level courses on Irish writers.

Written by Richard Haslam

Thani Jambulingam

Pharmaceutical Marketing

One of My Favorite Memories: My favorite memories has been attending commencement every year (for the past 20 years), feeling proud about the students who I had the opportunity to influence or impact take pictures with them and say goodbye and wish them well for the future!

Intelligence and Hard Work

Thani Jambulingam Ph.D., R.Ph. is Pfizer Fellow, Arrupe Research Fellow, and Professor in Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Marketing (PMK). He is a member of the Rho Chi Society and Beta Gamma Sigma and is trained in Harvard Case Method. He teaches in all PMK's MBA Programs as well as their undergraduate courses, many of which he developed. He served as department chair for 8 years and helped to launch the first online program. He also helped to develop the curriculum for online programs. For the past 5 years, Thani has been a presenting faculty member at the international BIO Entrepreneurship Bootcamp. He has delivered guest lectures on special topics in pharmaceutical and healthcare in universities and companies in North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa.


Before academia, Thani worked as a pharmacist in the pharmaceutical industry. His research interests are in pharmaceutical and healthcare strategy and have lead to more than 70+ peer-reviewed publications and presentations. Among several activities outside the university, Thani has been on dissertation committees, placed more than 100+ students in internships and jobs within the industry and is the advisor for the STEM Academy in Downingtown High School.

Written by George P. Sillup

Joanne Kearney


One of My Favorite Memories: When Pope Francis visited Saint Joseph's.


My fondest memory is that Joanne has always been a quiet, steady force in the Office of Admission. When change happens, she takes in stride - and there has been a lot of change. Joanne loves Saint Joseph's and gives it her all every day!


Joanne is incredibly dedicated to her work. Most of her career, Joanne has worked with the undergraduate student population. A few years ago, she was asked to take on the responsibility of processing all the documents for graduate admission. This required her to learn new processes and to work with many different offices across campus. Joanne took this on with grace and determination. There are many days that she will stay late to make sure that every document received that day is fully processed so prospective graduate students can get admission decisions as quickly as possible. 


Joanne has built strong relationships across campus. She is dedicated to the students she serves without ever meeting them. Our graduate students will probably know her name but experience the fruits of her labor when graduate program directors can easily access information and make timely decisions. Thank you for all you do for Enrollment Operations, Undergraduate Admission, and Saint Joseph's University.

Written by Maureen Mathis

Patty Martin

Government & Community Relations

One of My Favorite Memories:  I loved all of the Inaugurations and the celebrations surrounding them. I was part of the Inauguration committee for Frs. Lannon and Gillespie and for Dr. Reed and was honored to be chosen to help out during those happy and exciting times at the University. Being an avid basketball fan, I also loved our "Perfect Season" in 03-04.

Patty is most characterized by her selflessness.

Patty is a longtime Hawk basketball fan, and she has traveled thousands of miles to see them play on the road and in tournaments. Maybe her greatest moment in this field is attending the 2014 Atlantic 10 championship game and celebrating the Hawks' win with her grown son like they were both college kids again.


Patty Martin joined Saint Joseph's 20 years ago after many years in operations management at Macy's. Patty's work began with the Human Resources department, which makes sense because she's one of the most personable people you'll ever meet. Her talents grew and she joined the Office of Government and Community Relations, where she has proven to be an invaluable resource in representing the University to the neighboring communities and with elected officials. Though you'll often see Patty walking around campus, you're equally likely to see her prowling the state capital, drumming up support for SJU from local representatives. She has run the University's annual Toys for Tots drive, was an integral organizer for the yearly Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service with student-athletes, and is a faithful steward of the University's relationship with Samuel Gompers school, where each year she helps incoming freshmen spruce up the community school.


Patty's accomplishments at SJU include completing the winding road to her bachelor's degree in 2005 when she was a featured speaker at commencement and went on to earn her master's degree in training and organizational development in 2018. Each of Patty's four children holds an undergraduate or graduate degree — or both — from SJU.

Written by Jeffrey Martin

Liz McCreight


One of My Favorite Memories: The lighting of the Christmas tree on Barbelin Campus and gathering for holiday cheer after in the Greaton Room.

A ring leader, a strong leader, intense advocate.

(from John Vacca:)Devotion is the word that is synonymous with Liz McCreight. She represents all that is consistent with Jesuit beliefs. Liz continues to be a pillar of the Saint Joseph's University community, namely that she models being one for others. Yes, clearly she has loyalties to her designated unit, however, she never loses sight of the greater good, the greater picture...namely doing what is best for all involved in the Saint Joseph's University community. This recognition for her decades of service is not only deserved but is also symbolic for someone that truly lives out the mission of SJU. Liz is a true team player, an advocate for the greater good, and an ambassador for all that is good. 


(from Ray Horn:) Liz’s most profound attribute is her ability to continuously learn new technology and SJU administrative systems. This has made her indispensable to the Education Unit and doctoral program. Because of this ability to grow as a professional, she is the quintessential problem solver. Her professors, administrative assistants, and administrative colleagues in the university know that with her knowledge of the university and her ability to research a situation, no problem or issue is insurmountable. This help that she provides everyone is indicative of one of her personality traits: being a team player. As the consummate team player, she effectively helps, serves, and protects the doctoral program, the Education Unit, and our university. She is one of the most highly respected individuals at SJU. There is nothing that Liz McCreight can’t do.


(Frank's two bits:) Liz is outspoken, with a quick sharp wit, Liz "calls it as she sees it." Just beneath that exterior is a loyal colleague whose most important value is the SJU community; it is when asked, her "main reason for staying." She is intensely family-oriented, with seven children and six grandchildren (a seventh on the way!), and she sees Saint Joseph's very much as her family as well. She has high expectations and standards for both of her families; she also has a positive outlook and an unflappable optimism about both families and all their members.

Written by Frank Bernt, John Vacca, and Ray Horn

Beth Moran

Office of the Provost

One of My Favorite Memories: There are too many to share, the highlights of the school year were always the Mass of the Holy Spirit, Baccalaureate Mass and Hand in Hand.

Beth is a woman strength and conviction.

 You can take the girl out of Southwest Philly, but you can't take Southwest Philly out of the girl! Beth is helpful and caring of everyone she meets. Just this semester, the time and good advice she provided to one of our work-study students was remarkable and a genuine instance of cura personalis.


Beth Moran joined Saint Joseph's University in 1998 as an administrative assistant in Special Events. She then became Special Events manager in the early 2000s and for the next decade and a half oversaw the annual major events, including Commencement ceremonies, three Presidential Inaugurations, and numerous events for Development, Alumni Relations, and undergraduate programs. Throughout her time in Special Events, Beth was always willing to go the extra mile to provide the highest quality of service. 


She is most proud that her two sons, Tom (class of 2006) and Brian (class of 2011), are proud alumni of SJU, who have benefited immensely from their Jesuit education. In 2017, she joined the Provost's Office as Senior Administrative Assistant and has made an immediate impact on our organizational efficiency and quality of service. She knows everything and everyone and is also able to get a quick response from colleagues with charm and the occasional twist of an arm. We are deeply grateful for all she does!

Written by Peter Norberg

Gerry Quinlan

Women's Rowing

One of My Favorite Memories: Bringing teams to Henley Regatta. Working with the athletic team to give our student-athletes the best collegiate rowing experience.

Gerry Quinlan is in his 20th season as head women’s rowing coach at Saint Joseph’s University and has developed the Hawks into one of the East’s most competitive programs.  Including his tenure at Saint Joseph’s, Quinlanhas amassed more than 25 years of collegiate head coaching experience.


Quinlan has kept the Hawks among the more competitive programs in the East.  In the past nine years, Saint Joseph’s has earned 12 medals in the Atlantic 10 Championships, while winning the 2011 team title. During that time, the Hawks have also captured eight Dad Vail Regatta medals.  In 2018, SJU took home Atlantic 10 gold as it captured the Varsity 4 and then picked up a silver medal with its second-place finish in the Third Varsity 8.

Written by Marie Wozniak

Philip Schatz


One of My Favorite Memories: There was a lot of excitement on and off-campus the semester when the Men's Basketball Team was #1 and went undefeated.

Speaks truth to power, candid, razor-sharp intellect.

Phil gave a short talk to the psychology students being inducted into the honors program in which he explained all the times that he had made mistakes and ignored advice (going as far as showing his grades and rejection letters). He did this with good humor and intelligence -- and with the aim of helping Saint Joseph's students understand that there is no one path to excellence and it is often a bumpy one.


Phil Schatz is well known as a spirited teacher whose courses on neuropsychology, ethics, and methods serve both undergraduates and graduate students. A highly productive researcher, Phil’s 100 peer-reviewed articles and book chapters and 100 conference presentations have advanced knowledge on the science of traumatic brain injury – and also enabled many student co-authors. He has won approximately $500,000 in external grants. One of the campus’s most effective and candid committee members, Phil has served on some of the most essential committees including Budget and Planning, BRT, Faculty Senate, Faculty Review Board, Hearing Committee, and CAS College Council Executive Committee (multiple times). He spent a decade of his time here as chair of our IRB. He has won the Tengelmann Award for Distinguished Research and Teaching, 5 Faculty Merit Awards in Research, Teaching, and Service, and numerous awards from professional associations.


As a pioneer in the study of concussions – a focus that was dismissed by a member of his dissertation committee as not very important – Phil has helped the state of Pennsylvania, hospitals, private practices, rehab centers, and schools develop concussion protocols that have affected the lives and health of countless patients – particularly children and teenager athletes. Plainly-dressed and often sarcastic, Phil combines remarkable technical expertise with verbal dexterity – and that has made him an effective faculty member who speaks truth to power.

Written by Susan Liebell

Paul St. Amour


Integrity, dedication, collegiality.

Paul was among the first faculty I knew of to commute to campus regularly by bicycle. Of course, this meant encountering the extremes of Philadelphia weather (and traffic!) as well as the somewhat uneven climate control in our building, which is among the oldest on campus. He has dealt with heat, cold, wind, and rain with good cheer. Ever generous with his time, Paul also served for several years as the Faculty Advisor for the SJU Freewheelers Cycling Club.


Paul St. Amour is an internationally recognized expert in the philosophy of Bernard Lonergan, S.J. (1904-1984), the most preeminent systematic Jesuit philosopher of the last century whose collected writings with the University of Toronto Press span over twenty volumes. St. Amour's has over twenty publications most of which concentrate on some aspect of Lonergan's thought and relevance to contemporary philosophical debates. This research program has allowed St. Amour to pursue a range of scholarly interests, including philosophy of religion, ethics, cosmology, macroeconomic theory, and the history of philosophy. It has also enabled St. Amour to develop a diverse set of courses for our students. He has taught well over a dozen different courses on various topics and covering nearly all of the major historical periods in philosophy.


Paul St. Amour is also a dedicated colleague, having served as Chair of both the Department of Philosophy and the SJU Academic Policies and Procedures Committee, one of the Faculty Senate's key standing committees. St. Amour has also chaired various departmental subcommittees and held over twenty University- or College-wide service appointments. St. Amour is a member of Phi Beta Kappa, Alpha Sigma Nu (National Jesuit Honor Society), and Phi Sigma Tau (Philosophy Honor Society).

Written by James Boettcher


Geoff Arnold

Mens' Basketball

One of My Favorite Memories: "Seeing my daughter Gabrielle become a Graduate Class of 2019."

Kelly Bersett

Residence Life

Personal Attribute:  Kelly is truly the heart of Residence Life.

Kelly’s stress level can be measured by the number of half-consumed coffee cups on her desk. 


Kelly, a graduate of Saint Louis University and Grand Valley State University, joined the Residence Life team at SJU in 2008 after working in housing at Valparaiso University. She collaborates with many campus partners in her work managing housing operations and assignments for our residential students and manages departmental technology and housing processes throughout the academic year. Though her day to day work involves more of a “heads and beds” focus, Kelly always seeks to assist students and improve their learning and their experience here at SJU. Kelly is a member of the SJU Dragonboat team and is active in multiple local orchestra groups. She is looking forward to the construction of new residence halls on campus and would be happy to assist in the demolition of some of our older buildings!

Written by Jessica Moran Buckridge

Peter "The Artist" Bonner

Art Department

Personal Attribute: Peter is incredibly curious, not just about art and specifically painting but all things.

Back a few years Peter broke his leg. I asked whether I should cover his 2 classes, to which he decided to teach anyway. So for a whole semester, he taught on crutches and had to travel from Brooklyn where he lives. That's dedication.

Peter Bonner is one of the finest people I know, also he has a keen mind and intellect that has served the students At Saint Joseph's and his colleagues. I often consult with him on the systems in place at Fine Arts West, he has been irreplaceable. In his own studio he is enormously inspired and makes terrific paintings that touch on all aspects of our field, inventive, historical and formal. Peter is the finest of painters.

Written by Stephen Cope

One of My Favorite Memories:  "The pride and joy in a parents face when they see how talented and accomplished their child is and how passionate they have become about wanting to become an artist.  Seeing the look of confidence, excitement and fulfillment on a students face when she makes something that she feels fully expresses her deepest most feelings powerfully and truthfully.  It gives me great satisfaction to fully empower a student to be able to realize their desires and achieve great heights."

Bill Bordak

Student Life

Personal Attribute:  Bill is giving of his time and is dedicated to the Jesuit mission of SJU.

As a basketball fan, Bill attends many Men's Basketball home games, and at times would be called upon to assist with a situation, even if he wasn't "working." Bill's presence at games has been embraced by students and colleagues alike and is now viewed as a "regular" at many games. In addition to basketball games, Bill is always a "go-to" when colleagues are looking for volunteers for a committee, a working group, or at events. Bill is very present in Student Life, and is often on campus well beyond the typical “Monday through Friday, 9am-5pm hours.”

Prior to coming to SJU, Bill worked at Siena College and Fairfield University. In 2008, Bill joined SJU and the Office of Community Standards as the Coordinator of Student Discipline. In 2009, Bill was promoted to Assistant Director, and in 2012, Bill was promoted again to Associate Director. A year later, Bill began serving in the office as the Interim Director before being named Director in 2014.   Bill has been a part of several office structure transitions and has always welcomed new opportunities and challenges. Because of Bill’s progression through the ranks of the Office of Community Standards, he possesses a keen understanding of the workings of the office and its role at the University. He has been responsible for managing detailed logistics as well as developing strategy and vision. 

In addition to his duties in the Community Standards, Bill has served in an on-call capacity, responding to student-related emergencies (at all hours of the day and night). Bill has been an active member of the SJU Advisory Council on Alcohol, Drugs, and Student Health; the Invisible Safety Net; and several other University committees. For a few years, Bill served as a facilitator for student groups participating in the Collegiate Challenge (Habitat for Humanity) service trips. Bill is a valued colleague and someone is who enjoys spending time with students and is truly invested in their success.

Written by Keirsten White

One of My Favorite Memories:  "There is no one event or moment that I remember the most. When I look back on the past 10 years, my favorite memories are always times spent with colleagues and students, mostly casual conversations about nothing important, but meaningful nonetheless."

Darlene A. Capriotti


Personal Attribute:  Determined and Resourceful

Darlene was the receptionist/visit coordinator when the Office of Admission moved to the Maguire Wolfington Welcome Center. After the art installation, she became an expert on all the art in the building. She took great pride in the collection and our visitors loved learning from her. However, I will always go to her to brainstorm a physical problem. She is very handy and can always find a solution!

Darlene has held several positions at the University. Beginning her tenure in the Registrar and then joining the admission staff to work with our prospective student visitors. Darlene was responsible for the University's first-impression for many families. She now serves within Enrollment Operations. If you have a problem within a process or need to brainstorm a new one, Darlene is going to work tirelessly to figure it out. She loves a project that needs determination and dedication to complete. Thank you for all you do for Enrollment Operations, Undergraduate Admission, and Saint Joseph's University.

Written by Maureen Mathis

One of My Favorite Memories:  "Standing with my son at his graduation from SJU!"

Elizabeth Clark


Personal Attribute:  The personification of a true professional and professor.

Liz leads by example and models for our students the best characteristics of the teachers they should become. Liz is always ahead of the curve when it comes to using technology to teach. Whether it was previously using Blackboard or currently using Canvas as the Learning Management System for her online courses, Liz has always participated in training and continuous professional development. At a time when many of her colleagues shy away from using technology, Liz embraces it. She is the epitome of what it means to be an excellent teacher and mentor for her students.


Since 2008, Liz has served as an Adjunct Professor for the Department of Special Education. She has taught our online course: SPE 721 Augmentative and Alternative Communication and Socialization Strategies for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder and shared her expertise in Autism from the very beginning of our Online courses. She has repeatedly developed and re-developed her course using our Learning Management Systems. Elizabeth Clark is a well-respected and much-appreciated member of our Special Education family at SJU.

Written by Sam Slike

One of My Favorite Memories: "Having the privilege to work with Dr. Cathy Spinelli as a leader and mentor in Special Education."

Tiffany Clark


Personal Attribute: Incredibly detail oriented and a great communicator.

Tiffany has a great talent for nurturing strong relationships with our vendors, and with our student workers who support operations in the biology department.


Tiffany Clark has been a huge asset to the Biology department. Her talents include managing multiple budgets, getting the best deals on instrumentation and research reagents from vendors, and supporting a culture of laboratory safety in our department in effective and creative ways. Her team of student stockroom workers support many activities in the department, from managing deliveries to celebrating graduating seniors. Congratulations, Tiffany.

Written by Christina King Smith

One of My Favorite Memories:  Walking into the autoclave room and hearing student Ihunna Amugo singing at the top of her lungs "These are a few of my favorite things" as she prepared racks of culture tubes for the core lab.

Tom Conway

Theology & Religious Studies

Tom Conway initially came into the Department of Theology and Religious Studies to develop online courses in Theology for our students in the Professional and Liberal Studies programs. With his doctoral degree in education in addition to his Master’s in theology, Tom brought a wealth of knowledge and skill to this task, enhancing the department curriculum and student experience, both online and on campus, in Theology and Religious Studies and programs in Education. Tom is a thoughtful and sensitive teacher, who is a master at understanding the perspective and experience of his students and how it affects their learning and that of the class. He has also been a generous friend and colleague over the years, putting his pedagogical wisdom at the service of the department as it developed its Signature Core course in Theology. 

Written by Jim Caccamo

One of My Favorite Memories: "My favorite memories of SJU are from my times as a doctoral student and the professors treating as emerging scholars in our fields. Additionally, the support of colleagues and the response from students has continued to be very important and reflective of Ignatian Spirituality and Values."

Laura Costa


Personal Attribute: Compassionate

Laura has a great sense of humor, is a great listener and a wonderful story-teller. However, there is nothing better than watching her share stories about her family!

Laura plays a vital role in Enrollment Operations and the Office of Undergraduate Admission. She is a quiet leader and makes sure that everyone has what they need to do their job well. She is a strong advocate, pays attention to detail and can problem solve just about any process we have. Laura is behind the scenes in the transfer admission process but makes sure that each student has a positive experience by creating seamless processes for admission review and the transfer of credit. Thank you for all that you do.

Written by Maureen Mathis

One of My Favorite Memories: "The anticipation and excitement surrounding the university and the city leading up to Pope Francis' visit."

Ian Crookenden

Men's and Women's Tennis

A two-time national collegiate champion, a highly successful professional player, and a talented coach, Ian Crookenden enters his 11th season as the director and head coach of the men's and women's tennis programs at Saint Joseph's.

Coming to Hawk Hill in August of 2008, Crookenden has quickly transformed the Saint Joseph's tennis program into one of the up-and-coming squads in the region. Crookenden has switched the focus of SJU's schedule to a year-round format, adding several invitationals and the ITA Regionals to the slate. In addition to the scheduling upgrade, he also helped spearhead the recently-constructed SJU Tennis Complex at the Maguire Campus and began the now-annual Saint Joseph's Invitational.

An active member of the United States Tennis Association and the United States Professional Tennis Association, Crookenden was recognized for his collegiate accomplishments in 1997 as he was inducted into the Intercollegiate Tennis Hall of Fame. A contributing author of two guides published by the USPTA, he currently resides in Blue Bell, Pa., with his wife Dianne.


One of My Favorite Memories:  Receiving e-mails and letters from former squad members thanking me for guiding them both on the court and in preparing for life after college."

Philip Cunningham

Theology & Religious Studies

Personal Attribute: Dedicated

Philip Cunningham arrived at SJU already a world leader in the field of Jewish-Christian relations. He has since built upon the solid foundation established by Father Donald G. Clifford at the Institute for Jewish-Catholic Relations to develop a vibrant and renowned center of learning and teaching in service of the Institute's mission: to deepen understanding between Jews and Catholics. He has done this with diverse constituencies and on diverse topics, and has been influential locally, nationally, and internationally in this vital endeavor. He is a creative and passionate teacher, generous with his time and highly creative in supplementing text study with film, music, and images. His publication record is highly impressive. He has authored seven books, including most recently Seeking Shalom: The Journey to Right Relationship between Catholics and Jews, and edited many more. The list of articles and book chapters on his CV is many pages long, reflecting his broad training in Bible, Theology, and History (among other fields). This scholarship has been published in prominent publications, including leading peer-reviewed journals and major edited volumes. He has served as President of the International Council of Christians and Jews and is the secretary and webmaster for the Council of Centers on Jewish-Christian Relations. He received his Ph.D. from Boston College, and in 2017 he was awarded a Doctor of Humane Letters, honoris causa, by Gratz College.

Written by Adam Gregerman

One of My Favorite Memories:  :The dedication ceremony on Friday, September 25, 2015 of the "Synagoga and Ecclesia in Our Time" sculpture, at which over 300 members of the Philadelphia area Jewish and Catholic communities joined together with the SJU community to celebrate the mission of the Institute for Jewish-Catholic Relations was extremely moving to me. It was the culmination of years of planning with the Institute's Board of Directors, many generous donors, Dean William Madges, SJU President C. Kevin Gillespie, SJ, the late Carol Farrell of the Advancement Office, SJU Press director Carmen Croce, and, of course, my friend and the Institute's co-director, Adam Gregerman. This wonderful moment of solidarity was, naturally, enhanced even further when Pope Francis blessed the sculpture two days later."

Tom Davis

Facilities Management

Personal Attribute: Hardworking and funny


One of my fondest memories is every snow storm you see Tom in his Kubota plowing the walkways with his Irish cap on waving
as you pass by.


Tom takes pride in his work here at SJU. As our painter he keeps us looking good.  He loves sports and supports his local teams coaching for some in the past.  He's a proud father and husband.

Written by Rob Convery

One of My Favorite Memories:  "When I first started at the university the students were on winter break, never being lucky enough to attend college, I remember the first day when school was back in session, the energy and excitement around campus blew me away. this is something I am lucky enough to be around each day."

Robert Dean


Chontel Delaney

Information Technology

Personal Attribute:  Genuine, Diligent, and Collaborative


Chontel and I really love to walk, and our love of working and walking began last year when we were in the mountains of Colorado at a conference together. We could have taken a bus shuttle all around the town, but Chontel and I decided to walk. On each day at the conference, we averaged 17,000 steps! That's a lot of time to fill. Of course, we talked about the inspiring conference sessions, but we also shared personal stories, breathed in the beautiful landscape, and scared ourselves a few times with possible sightings of some unwanted wildlife. But, most of all we laughed and truly enjoyed the company of each other. Chontel is a true friend and partner, and I have the best memories while working with her!


Don't let this introvert specialist ISTJ fool you, Chontel will hold you to a task, challenge you to consider a different perspective, even push your creative limits, all while making you laugh. Chontel has worked as an Instructional Designer and now a Learner Experience Designer for over ten years. She is a level-headed, trustworthy, and respected professional, who strives every day to improve the faculty and student experience at SJU. She started in the days of ERDLC, transitioned to ATDL and now works in IT. Chontel's perseverance through the challenging times in our organization has only highlighted her ability to adapt and collaborate in this ever-changing environment. We are lucky to have her service and spirit at Saint Joseph's University.

Written by Karen Pinto

One of my favorite memories of my time at SJU was participating in the Bolivia Immersion Experience. In 2014, I had the opportunity to travel to Bolivia with SJU faculty and staff. During this trip, I was immersed in the culture and able to connect with our Fe y Alegria partners. This trip helped me to grow professionally and personally.

Marcy DeLorenzo-Rosci

Budgeting & Financial Planning

Marcy proudly bleeds crimson and gray.  A Philadelphia native, she received her bachelor’s from SJU in Spring 2006 and after two years as a rising accountant with Grant Thornton, she returned to her alma mater in the Fall of 2008.  In fact, she returned to the Budget Office where she worked for several years as a student employee and where today she serves as the Director of Financial Planning for academic budgets.  In addition to her service in the Budget Office and her leadership on numerous University committees ranging from University Governance to the Women’s Networking Group, Marcy is known as an individual who makes herself available to colleagues in countless ways both professionally and personally; who is a great teacher and a ready listener; who has an infectious volunteer spirit for mission-related activities; who models healthy eating and living both as a mother and as a former SJU varsity track athlete; and, as one colleague said, as someone who can rock a pair of high heels while nine months pregnant!

Written by Barry Harte

My favorite memory in my time here at SJU is standing outside my office on a Saturday afternoon to catch a glimpse of the Pope on his way from the Seminary to Center City!

Anita Devan


One of My Favorite Memories:  "So many proud moments since the Academy of Risk Management Program started over 10 years ago. One of my favorite memories was when our team of students won the Spencer RIMS Risk Management challenge in 2017 in front of industry leaders from across the nation."

Carrie DiEnna

Accounting & Financial Reporting

Personal Attribute:  Carrie is a wonderful colleague and a definite go-to person within the Office of Finance and Administration. Her work ethic, and her love of family shows in everything that she does. I am often amazed at how much she manages to accomplish on a daily basis, all while striving to do and accomplish more, both at work, and at home.

Carrie is also affectionately known as Triple "C" (Crazy-Christmas-Carrie). She is probably the only person that I know who is basically done their Christmas shopping before any of us have even given it a thought. She will make a list, and off she goes. Be it online or in the store, she is in hot pursuit of every item on her list. There is also great camaraderie within our office, so much so that Carrie loves a good joke, sneaking up to scare her colleagues, and she always reminds our fearless leader that he is in EAGLES country now. Go EAGLES! GO CARRIE!

Carrie began employment at SJU in what was then known as the Office of Financial Affairs in February 2008 as a Sr. Accountant. She obtained her CPA in 2009 and was promoted to Manager of Financial Reporting in March 2012, taking on, and overseeing two direct reports. As previously mentioned, Carrie's work ethic makes her a dominant figure within our office, and she was promoted to Director of Financial Reporting in August 2018 as a result of her dedication.

Written by April Lee

Cheri Dogan

Accounting & Financial Reporting

Personal Attribute:  Fashionista


Cheri and I share a lot of things in common - our initials (before and after marriage), our age (21), we are only children, and we love family and Christmas!!! Cheri and I always discuss the hot new things for our kids and the craziness of trying to purchase them (Cheri is always getting hers on December 23rd and me in October). This shows her dedication to her family - no matter how crazy life can get, she will always make sure her family comes first...she is truly a great mom, daughter, wife, etc. and for!


Cheri came to SJU from LaSalle in 2008. Cheri has been involved in all aspects of accounts payable throughout her tenure here. In 2017, she was promoted to Senior Accounts Payable Assistant. You can always count on her to get your invoices/reimbursements paid on time and with a smile. Here's wishing for another fabulous 10 years!

Written by Carrie DiEnna


"One of my favorite memories here at SJU is when the Pope came to visit."

Lucy Ford


Personal Attribute: Dedicated Mentor


What I appreciate most about Lucy is her dedication to her students beyond the classroom. She is an extraordinary mentor for our students, whether they are trying to discern their career path or charting a course to graduate school. Dr. Ford has also been at the forefront of helping our students achieve professional certifications after graduation. Dr. Ford is the embodiment of Cura Personalis for our students.

Dr. Ford has been a leader in Human Resource teaching at SJU, and has developed several courses, both on-line and in-person, at all three levels of programming (undergraduate, graduate and executive). She have also been the academic program director for our Managing Human Capital (HR) programs and has served as a mentor and advocate for both our students and our adjunct faculty. From a Service Perspective, Dr. Ford has been a key member of the Advisory Board on Faculty Compensation for several years, has served on the Academic Policies and Procedures committee and on Faculty Senate Executive, and is an internal Title VII investigator for SJU. She has also served in many roles with various academic programs, and has extensive external consulting experience, which has expanded SJU's reputation throughout the region. Her research on quantitative/survey research methods aligns perfectly with the evidence-based approach to teaching that she has brought to our Managing Human Capital curriculum.

Written by Eric Patton

Jahawn Rondell Foye

Accounting & Financial Reporting

Personal Attribute: Friendly, Respectful, and a Team Player


Jahawn likes cold weather and he loves grilling for his family and friends even when it's 20 degrees outside.

Jahawn started out in Athletics department in 2008 as a Desk Attendant, then he became an Athletic Equipment Manager in 2011. Students, coaches and staff could always count on him to make their lives a little smoother and less complicated. In 2015, Jahawn transferred to Office of Financial Affairs to be a Financial Assistant where he has become a familiar face to many offices/departments throughout campus. Jahawn has a good customer service skill, and his pleasant demeanor makes people feel welcomed every time they stop by the cashier window to pick up checks or make deposits. Jahawn is a loving husband, a proud dad, and a wonderful grandfather.

Written by Kim Tran

Kazuya Fukuoka

Political Science

Personal Attribute: Humility and Supportiveness


From Dr. Lisa Baglione: Kaz once told her that he really wanted Lisa to tell students that he is "really funny in Japanese. If students could speak Japanese they would see what a comedian I am!"

Dr. Kazuya Fukuoka has left an indelible mark on the Political Science Department and the SJU community during his ten years at the university. His many accomplishments include directing the International Relations Program, actively contributing to the Asian Studies Program, and serving on several committees that enhance the curriculum across our campus community.
He has hosted ambassadors, collaborated with Veteran Services to bring a NATO speaker, and is a member of the Multicultural Faculty Learning Community. An internationally-respected expert and leader in the field of collective memory and nationalism, Dr. Fukuoka has been an invited key note speaker and panelist at universities and international institutes around the globe to present his award-winning research, and his scholarship has been published in some of the top-ranking journals in the discipline. A dedicated teacher and a true teacher-scholar, our students benefit from Dr. Fukuoka’s expertise by learning about the timely topics of nationalism, youth, and the global political effects of how a particular society addresses its past historical record. He continuously encourages them to think about global politics beyond the confines of the classroom. Students describe his classes as fun, engaging, and rigorous, and they rave about Dr. Fukuoka’s careful and thoughtful attention to their academic progress. As a colleague, Kaz is a collaborative team player and a valued mentor who never hesitates to offer words of encouragement and is always willing to lend a hand wherever need. We are truly luck to have Kaz as a member of the Political Science department.

Written by Becki Scola


"One of my favorite memories is the first time I got here for my job talk. It was a snow day. But, somehow, I just felt that this would be my place for a long time. And, I was correct!"

Peter Graham


Personal Attribute: Dedicated, Caring, and Committed


In impromptu hallway, lunch and other meetings with colleagues, Peter consistently expresses care and concern for all those he interacts with.


In his ten years at Saint Joseph’s University (SJU), Peter Graham, Ph.D. has become widely recognized for his excellence in teaching, research, and service. Peter continually pursues excellence in the classroom by engaging in activities to enhance his teaching skills, inviting and accepting feedback, and employing new techniques to promote learning. Students appreciate his dedication, his effective communication skills, and his respect for diverse talents and ways of learning. An expert in synthesizing and developing organometallic complexes for carbon dioxide activation, through his externally funded research Peter has mentored 15 students throughout the Summer Scholars Program and into the academic school year in independent research projects. Dedicated and committed to SJU, Peter embodies all aspects of the Saint Joseph’s University mission.

Written by Mark Forman


"One of my favorite memories is the nine summers that I have spent doing research in my lab with my students have been the highlight of my time at SJU."

Janine N. Guerra

Decision & System Sciences

Personal Attribute: Meticulous. A Steadfast Problem Solver. Efficient


During Open Houses, Janine would meet with prospective students, review transcripts, and secure acceptances in a single evening. A cheerleader for adult learners, Janine encouraged students to pursue their dreams and helped them to overcome obstacles. Making good use of her law degree, Janine would prepare thorough, and detailed documents suitable for the CIA.

A visiting professor in Decision & Systems Sciences, Janine makes business intelligence and analytics exciting and accessible for her students. As Director of the Haub Degree Completion Program, Janine doubled the enrollments of adult business undergraduates, many of whom graduated with academic honors and secured employment with top business firms. Janine's commitment to adult higher education was demonstrated in a previous role as Assistant Director of MBA programs. She was instrumental in launching Haub's first online MBA program and created pathways for employment of graduate students.

Written by Vana Zervanos


"For most of my time at SJU I had been working in admissions and advising roles. The most satisfying times to me were when students would simply express how much you helped them and what that meant to them. A few years ago, a student who had really struggled was graduating. She found me after graduation and introduced me to her family and insisted I take a photo with her. She told me that she never would have been able to be there if it wasn't for me paying attention to her and checking in with her every few weeks. I'm not sure who was cutting onions, but I walked away very teary eyed. It was moments like that that made all of the hard work worthwhile."

Emily Hage


Personal Attribute: A Balance of Intensity, Creativity, and Compassion


Watching the contagious intellectual energy light up a room when she teaches.


When Emily Hage joined the Art Department at Saint Joseph’s University, she brought with her a passion for, and a commitment to, helping others unlock the secrets of art, born from more than ten years’ experience as a curator and exhibition researcher at places like the National Portrait Gallery, the San Francisco Museum of Art, and the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Dr. Hage is a master teacher and mentor of our students. She completed the Ignatian Pedagogy Seminar and has received a Faculty Merit Award for Teaching. She is also an internationally recognized and widely published expert on art history, particularly the movement known as Dada and the contributions of women and people of color to modern and contemporary art. Dr. Hage’s contributions to shared governance and institutional leadership are also notable. She has served on the Faculty Policy and Procedures Committee, the Academic Policy and Procedures Committee, and the Executive Committee of the College of Arts and Sciences Council. She has also completed the Ignatian Leadership Program, and is currently Chair of the Art Department.

Written by Rich Warren

Fritz Hamburn

Men's Baseball

Personal Attribute: Passion


2014 Atlantic 10 Tournament in Saint Louis. SJU had a fabulous team in 2014 and the season was full of successes on and off the field. We didn't win the tournament that year but I saw the passion and love he had for his players, SJU and baseball.


Charles "Fritz" Hamburg came to SJU in 2009 from Army and made an immediate an impact on our student-athletes in their growth as baseball players, students and people. It was strikingly apparent to all those working with him. Twenty win seasons have become the norm but in 2014, Fritz lead the Hawks to 35 wins and was awarded "Coach of the Year" by the A10. That year the Hawks also grabbed A10 "Player of the Year" and A10 "Pitcher of the Year". Under Coach Hamburg's guidance, the Hawks have won three Liberty Bell Classic Championships and made three trips to the Atlantic 10 Championships - both of which had never occurred prior to his tenure. Currently, there are four Hawks playing in the MLB, Jimmy Yacabonis, Brian O'Keefe, Deon Stafford and Tim Brennan, a testament to his ability to recognize talented high school players, help them develop their skills in college and move into the professional ranks of baseball. Fritz's passion and dedication to the student-athletes and baseball program at SJU is unparalleled and he makes those around him better for just knowing him.

Written by Janet Greder


"I don't have a specific favorite memory. Just so fortunate to have had the wonderful opportunity to share in our student-athletes personal growth while they are here on Hawk Hill and staying connected with so many of our players once they have graduated. Awesome stuff!"

Lorraine M. Hannon

Office of the Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

Personal Attribute: Her colleagues appreciate her diligence and sense of integrity.


When it comes to charity work, Lorraine always volunteers first. In the Dean's Office, she led many efforts, be it the Thanksgiving turkey donation or other events to help the needy.


Lorraine Hannon joined Saint Joseph’s University in January 2008. She has been Assistant Dean for Administration in the College of Arts and Sciences for eleven years, working with five Deans. She is the liaison to Human Resources for the college and her role involves the development of human capital in CAS, including managing the hiring process, tenure/promotion process and workflow; faculty development fund; and administrative assistants training program. Lorraine has been active in service on committees including the Planning and Budget Committee and Administrative Staff Council, and is currently serving on the Personnel Compensation Committee. Her resourcefulness, knowledge, and ability to address issues with care and thoughtfulness have been invaluable to the CAS dean’s office. Her colleagues appreciate her diligence and sense of integrity. She frequently calls on her university community to be the "magis," expecting more than "just good enough." Lorraine participates in Allies of Recovery, in support of students with substance use disorder. When it comes to charity work, Lorraine always volunteers first. In the Dean's Office, she led many efforts, be it the Thanksgiving turkey donation or other events to help the needy. An elementary school teacher for many years, Lorraine offers very practical and unique perspectives from an educator's point of view. These words of wisdom are very appreciated by her colleagues. She is a valuable resource to many on campus who need both information and input on various activities and issues. People who have been here for many, many years have a list of the "heroes"--the go-to people who could always be counted on for assistance and support, no matter the request. The list is not long. Lorraine is on that list.

Written by Shaily Menon

Chris Heasley

Educational Leadership

Personal Attribute: Chris is a very caring, witty and thoughtful person. He is the best colleague and co-worker one could hope for.


We have all enjoyed Chris’s contributions to the department through his expertise in higher education and his collegiality. But we all have also benefited from his creativity as a graphic designer. I call him our department’s “stylist” because of his talent for making spaces and professional tasks more beautiful. We all go to Chris when we want our PowerPoint presentations to look “smashing,” or when we are looking for ways to organize information in more appealing ways. Two summers ago, he even gave our department a “professional makeover” by framing our favorite quotations about education and placing them outside our office doors and by creating an information board for our graduate and doctoral students. Walking the hallways has become a different experience ever since. The walls have become an exhibition displaying our deeply-held beliefs about education and, thanks to Chris, a way to strengthen our sense of community as a department.

Dr. Chris L. Heasley began his career at Saint Joseph’s University in April 2006, working in the Office of Residence Life. In 2013, he left Saint Joseph’s University to pursue an opportunity for advancement at Drexel University. However, his departure from SJU was short-lived as he returned as an adjunct professor teaching for DSS in the executive MBA program in 2015. One year later, he rejoined Saint Joseph’s University in a full-time faculty role teaching doctoral and graduate level courses in Educational Leadership. In his spare time, he can be seen paddling up the Schuylkill River as a member of the SJU Dragon Boat team (since 2012); and while not a Philadelphia native, he fully embraces his identity as an SJU Hawk!

Written by Encarna Rodriguez


"One of my favorite memories is the vibrancy of the campus during the Pope's visit in 2015. A community feeling of peace and love surrounded Hawk Hill. It was transformational!"

Nakia Henderson

Interdisciplinary Health

Personal Attribute: She believes in meeting each person or project exactly where it is and transforming from the "inside-out", which resembles the Jesuit educational vision of "concern for the individual student" (cura personalis). She works everyday to see that each student reaches his or her fullest potential and continues to work to improve health policy and public health issues facing all Americans.


Nakia is a great listener and advisor.

Mrs. Henderson was formerly the Director for the Graduate Health Administration and Education program at Saint Joseph's University, and is currently Adjunct Instructor. She received a Bachelor's degree in Counseling Education from Pennsylvania State University and a Masters of Science degree in Health A dministration and Health Education from Saint Joseph's University. She has been committed to field of healthcare for the past l6 years. She was instrumental in the planning and organizing of the online program at Saint Joseph University in 2010. She provided administrative oversight to the graduate programs and academic advising to students in Health Administration and Health Education. She is owner of Henderson Career and Life Management Solutions, a consulting firm that provides a social service promoting work life balance. As a practitioner, she addresses this societal challenge by providing top-quality and customized professional development and coaching services to business owners and organizations. In addition to these services, Nakia provides coping strategies to leverage her clients' strengths offering levity in the midst of life's trials. Nakia is an active community advocate through several community and civic organizations. She maintains an optimistic view of human nature and all of its possibilities.

Written by Louis D. Horvath


"One of my favorite memories at SJU was when I was a member of the interview team for the selection of the Assistant Director for Academic Technology Distributed Learning department. During that time I was able to work with other department managers and graduate studies, executive director. We were all able to bring various talents and diverse thinking to the conversation for finding the best candidate to support the new online programs. We had some great candidates all of whom which bring different strengths to the program. Ultimately, the candidate that would add immediate value and elevate the program was selected after thoughtful, inclusive dialogue among the directors at that time."

Kathleen Hennessy


Daniel Holden

Drexel Library

Personal Attribute: A Life-Long Learner


People find Dan genuinely easy to talk with. He's professional and friendly in everything he does.


Prior to becoming a regular employee, Dan worked as a student assistant in the Library for four years, graduating as a history major in the class of 2008. From 2008-2015, he served as Interlibrary Loan Technician, where he made good use of his sharp research skills. During that time, Dan earned his MA in History (Villanova, 2012) and MSLS in Library Science (Clarion University, 2014). Since 2015, Dan has been the Serials/Electronic Resources Librarian, ensuring that the Library's online databases and materials work properly and analyzing use. In addition, Dan regularly works with students and faculty at the reference desk and in his library classes, and serves as the liaison to the History department. He catalogs the Library's Dr. Thomas M. Keefe American Popular Culture Collection and enjoys discussing a wide range of topics with Dr. Keefe (emeritus faculty).

Written by Kris Mudrick

Michael Howard Sr.

Public Safety & Security

Personal Attribute: Officer, Michael Howard is very articulate and always willing to assist even not called upon. Officer Michael Howard is always pleasant to everyone he encounters.


I recall there was an incident on campus and we needed an officer on location ASAP to confront a few trespassers on campus. The nearest officer(s) were preoccupied with another assignment. Officer Howard is a bike officer so he came from across campus on his bike to respond and was able to apprehend the trespassers.


I am Officer Howard's immediate shift supervisor on the 3-11 shift. I have supervised officer Howard for over 4 years. Officer Howard is trained and knowledgeable in all aspects of his job. I have also been Officer Howard's counter partner as an officer before becoming a supervisor and it was indeed a pleasure working with him as a counter partner.

Written by Stacey McLean

Rachel Johnson

Graduate Criminal Justice

Personal Attribute: Rachel is loyal and committed, always.


Rachel and I had lunch shortly before the birth of her first son, and even in the midst of exhaustion and fear, she was determined to get her courses scheduled and in place so she would have work she loved waiting when she returned to teaching. I was impressed, not for the first time, at her enthusiasm for work she obviously loved and at which she excelled, even in the midst of a huge and wonderful life change!


A graduate of Ithaca College (2006) and Saint Joseph’s own Graduate Criminal Justice Programs (MSCRJ, 2008), Rachel Johnson has been engaging with both undergrad and graduate students for over a dozen years. Whether adjuncting at Drexel University, working with students in Cabrini University’s dual enrollment program, elucidating the finer points of juvenile justice with SJU’s graduate population, or providing students support in career and professional development courses, Rachel Johnson’s tenacity is apparent! 

A seasoned runner/marathoner, and mom of two—Vetter and Alfie—Rachel never sits still, always seeking opportunities to help students in need. This year will mark Rachel’s 10th year teaching a variety of courses—most notably Juvenile Justice—in SJU’s Criminal Justice Programs.

Written by Sylvia DeSantis


"There is no one specific memory that stands out as a favorite, but one of the things I like best about Hawk Hill is the sense of community I feel when working with my colleagues and my students. It's a pervasive sense of belonging and connection that you don't find just anywhere and it is this passion and enthusiasm which I have found at SJU that has motivated me to continue in my pursuit of assisting students to achieve their academic and professional goals through teaching in the Criminal Justice program."

Emi Kagawa

Music, Theater & Film

Anne Krakow

Drexel Library

Personal Attribute: Steady


As an example of her caring attitude, a staff member recalls that when she was injured at work, Anne not only accompanied her to the emergency room but she made phone calls for her and stayed until family arrived.

Anne served as the Library's Associate Director for Public Services and Programming and was a key member of the team that brought the Post Learning Commons online in 2012. She earned her EMBA from Saint Joe's in 2014. Library Director since 2014, her leadership is characterized by determination, deliberation, and care, and by close work with other departments to further student and faculty success. You will still see Anne at the front desk of the Library when she works a reference shift or covers for an absent staff member.

Written by Kris Mudrick


"One of my favorite memories is being a part of the Ignatian Leadership Program and planning Mission week."

Ken Krimmel

Athletics Compliance

Personal Attribute: Sincere


Ken lists his fondest memories at SJU being:

-MLAX game vs. Bryant - 2018
-WBB A10 championship game - 2013
-MBB A10 championship games - 2014 and 2016
-Any game in the Palestra
-Joe Biden speech in Hagan - 2018

and these memories are in addition to the the people he has had the opportunity of meeting and working with.


Ken started his work at Saint Joseph's as an Academic Adviser in the Office of Educational Support Services for Student-Athletes. His work in that area included advising student-athletes on class selection, arranging for tutors and monitoring grade point average to ensure NCAA and SJU Progress Toward Degree requirements were met. Ken was also a sound listener as student-athletes would regularly stop by his office for guidance and support in academics, life or athletics. 
In the spring of '14 Ken transitioned to Athletics working in Athletic Compliance. His previous experience with NCAA progress toward degree requirements and his interest in athletics administration made his transition a smooth one. He jumped right into the position learning the many NCAA bylaws surrounding a sport teams' playing and practice season, recruiting, eligibility and financial aid (to name a few). On top of learning the NCAA bylaws he successfully implemented the ARMS software program whereby all administrative and coaching staff members can record, and athletics compliance can monitor, the daily activities of recruiting, eligibility, financial aid and the playing and practice season.
In addition, forms student-athletes must sign annually are now located in ARMS. The reading and signing of forms is now paperless.
The Athletic Department's compliance efforts have been enhanced due to his willingness to learn, implement and teach staff the ARMS software program.
Student-athletes and staff respect Ken and the work he does. There is no task too big or small for Ken to do, he works to better the experience for student-athletes and to assist staff in making their job easier. He is a valued and respected employee, one we are fortunate to have.

Written by Renie Shields


"Some of my favorite memories are:

- SJU men's lacrosse game versus Bryant on April 14, 2018.
- A10 women's basketball tournament championship game versus Fordham on March 16, 2013.
- 2014 and 2016 A10 men's basketball tournament championship"

Garcia Mahoney

Public Safety and Security

Personal Attribute: Dedicated and Committed


During move in several years ago Mr. Mahoney was placed in one of the most high volume locations on campus, he handle himself with grace and professionalism towards all of the incoming students, parents, and visitors that came to campus over the course of that weekend. Mr. Mahoneys actions made me proud to be his direct supervisor.


Garcia Mahoney is a Public Safety and Security Officer with a decade of successful experience. Garcia regularly goes above and beyond what is asked and expected of him. Garcia is always available to assist in the training of new lesser experienced officers entering the department. Mr. Mahoney is well known to the campus community due to his constant assistance with any and all special events. Garcia Mahoney is a consummate professional and is also a valued asset to the Department of Public Safety and Security.

Written by Teresa D. Stewart

Jeanmarie R. Mason

Graduate Special Education

Maureen Mathis


Personal Attribute: Passionate


One of my fondest memories of Maureen actually happened before we began working together her at SJU. We were both on a recruiting trip to Puerto Rico with a number of other representatives of Catholic colleges, many of whom were significantly younger than us. As the young people were enjoying the Caribbean sunshine, we were both spending our free time on email, phone calls and other work from which we could not escape. It was good to have someone with a similar background and experience to commiserate with during the trip. Who knew that several years later we would have the opportunity to work together here at SJU.


Maureen began her career at Xavier University, which is also her alma mater. As a young admission counselor, she was a "road warrior," spending many weeks in the fall and spring on the road, recruiting prospective students. As someone who is never afraid to roll up her sleeves and get the job done, she was involved in many different areas of the recruitment effort at Xavier, including working with athletics. Maureen came to Saint Joseph's University in 2009 as director, and has been an outstanding leader of the operation since that time.

Written by Karen Pellegrino


"One of best memories was when I was selected to participate in ADL Train-the-Trainer Program. It was a full week with 12 other community members. We worked together to learn how create a more inclusive community. I am very thankful for the opportunity to build strong relationships across campus and to make a difference in our community."

Corrine N. Miller

Graduate and Extended Studies Program

Personal Attribute: Devoted


Working with Corrine for all these years, there are too many fond memories to list them all. Some include:
• Friday adventures where we would use our lunch breaks to find new food options around SJU. I actually introduced Corrine to Chipotle, as well as many other cheap eats around.
• Corrine replying with “hmmm…must be nice” almost any story you share with her.
• When she first brought her newborn daughter Reagan (aka Chee Chee) to the office, and all the subsequent times since, while watching her grow up and nickname me “Fee Fee” because she couldn’t pronounce “Yufi”. 
• Corrine threatening to call my mom anytime I annoy her. 
• All the time’s she’s surprised me at work for my birthday after I explicitly asked her not to. 
• Picking me up and dropping me off from home for a month after my car was totaled. 
• Always being a shoulder to lean on for support during any hard times in life. 
• Simply being my close friend/sister at SJU throughout all these years! Asking her for advice about anything. Couldn’t ask for a better coworker. 
• Calling her my elder even though she’s only a year older than me.


Corrine began working at Saint Joseph's University in January 2008 as a rep in the Student Service Center. After working in the SSC and in the Office of Advancement, she was invited to apply for a position in Graduate Arts & Sciences and the rest is history. She has received both her Bachelors and Master’s degrees from SJU but takes the most pride in her current role; mommy to 6-year old daughter Reagan whom she shares with her husband Ernest.

Written by Yufi Zewdu


"I will always remember the friends that I have made here at SJU."

Angie Nagle

Campus Recreation

Personal Attribute: Reliable


My fondest memories of Angie often come from the most challenging times or situations and the display of calm, poise and sound, steady leadership she shows at those times.


In her decade at SJU, Angie has been a dedicated and caring administrator in support of all of our students, but especially those involved with Campus Recreation and the club sports program.
Not only have the pure numbers of clubs and club athletes grown exponentially in her time, but the overall quality of the programs and the support provided to them have improved dramatically, due to her leadership. She continues to grow as an administrator through her pursuit of professional development opportunities and involvement with the N.I.R.S.A.; and she has proven to be an invaluable member of the Campus Recreation team and Student Life Division.

Written by Corey Shannon


"One of my favorite memories is dropping the puck with Don DiJulia at the inaugural SJU women's ice hockey game ....other memories include our department sponsoring Goat Therapy this past fall and getting to hold a goat!, traveling all over the country with several of our teams to National playoffs and working with all of the talented club sport athletes on a daily basis. "

Nina Nilsson

Teacher Education

Personal Attribute: Committed


I really enjoyed working with Nina. We collaborated on several research projects and spent hours analyzing the data and discussing how to present our findings in our offices, at Starbucks, and Panera Bread. It was also a lot of fun going to conferences to present our studies together in San Diego, Myrtle Beach, Las Vegas, etc. and having conversations in our shared hotel rooms (which helped saving some money for Saint Joseph's University too 🙂 ).


Dr. Nina Nilsson came to Saint Joseph's University from the University of Kentucky in the year of 2008. At SJU, Nina has taught a variety of courses to graduate and undergraduate students, including courses on literacy instruction, literacy assessment, literacy research, as well as on issues related to language and culture. She has served on various university-, college- and department-level committees and participated in numerous university events, including Open Houses, Walk with a Hawk, etc. She has researched and published in the areas of literacy issues relevant to culturally and linguistically diverse students, and the changing role of literacy specialists in schools today. Nina has made immense contributions to the curriculum of SJU’s Reading Specialist Certification program and to the CAEP accreditation process of SJU’s education programs. Nina is a valued and respected member of the Teacher Education Department.

Written by Ailing Kong


"One of my favorite memories is Pope Francis' historic visit to SJU in Sept., 2015"

Anthony Palma


Personal Attribute: Hard-Working


Anthony took over a section of ENG 101 on very short notice when another teacher got sick.


Anthony Palma, a 2004 graduate of Saint Joseph's University, has extensive teaching experience at Rowan University, Immaculata University, and his alma mater. Appropriately, he received the Faculty Merit Award for Teaching in 2017 from SJU as well as the Excellence in Service Award from Rowan in that same year. To his numerous poetry credits he will soon add a book chapter in *Art Through the Eyes of Mad Poets*. An enthusiastic and thoughtful teacher, he regularly participates in the department's pedagogy workshops as he adapts his style to ever changing student needs.

Written by Thomas J. Brennan


"I don't have one specific memory, but I recall fondly working with my students, sharing in their enthusiasm about their work and in their excitement about what their futures hold."

Paul Patterson


Personal Attribute: Motivated, Dedicated, and Disciplined


Dr. Patterson exhibits motivation, discipline, and dedication inside and outside of the classroom. He has trained and qualified for the Boston Marathon and brings the same enthusiastic drive to his influential teaching and scholarship.


Dr. Paul Patterson is an Associate Professor of English specializing in Medieval Literature. He has edited Mirror to Devout People (Speculum devotorum), published by Oxford University Press, which presents for the first time a Middle English Life of Christ. Dr. Patterson has also contributed to journals including Book History and Religion and Literature -- as well as to a number of edited collections. He additionally serves as Book Review Editor of the Journal of Medieval Religious Cultures. As a teacher, Dr. Patterson offers a range of graduate and undergraduate courses including Apocalyptic Film and Literature, Chaucer and the Medieval World, King Arthur in Film and Literature, and Craft of Language and Texts and Contexts. He has moreover taught several service learning sections of these two first-year writing courses. Dr. Patterson has been recognized with a Faculty Merit Award for teaching -- reflecting his broader, enthusiastic commitment to his students at Saint Joseph's University. He also serves as Director of Sigma Tau Delta, the National English Honor Society.

Written by Grace Wetzel


"It is always wonderful to see students succeed and rise to the occasion in their academic and personal pursuits."

Natalie Petyk

Counseling and Psychological Services

Personal Attribute: Selfless


Natalie, more than being a first-rate therapist and an outstanding Saint Joseph's employee, is a fabulous, awesome Mom!


Following her undergraduate Ivy League education at Cornell, the completion of her doctorate in Psychology and a series of rich and varied clinical experiences, Natalie joined Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) in 2008 as a staff psychologist. Demonstrating a work ethic second to none along with exceptional competence, Natalie was promoted to Assistant Director of Clinical Services in 2013. Her outstanding accomplishments aside, Natalie's greatest attributes are a generosity of spirit and a genuinely caring nature benefiting both students and colleagues in equal measure. Never seeking the limelight and selfless by nature, she is none the less an extremely vital leader of the CAPS team and an immensely valuable Saint Joseph's University employee.

Written by Greg Nicholls


"Some of my favorite memories are reading an email with a colleague that was from an old client who reached out to share about the birth of their baby and numerous staff meetings at CAPS when we can step away form 'the work' and find that we can really make ourselves laugh (or cry) with some minutiae not related to 'the work'"

Karen Pinto

Information Technology

Personal Attribute: Creative


I have had the pleasure of working with Karen Pinto for the past 10 years. We started at Saint Joseph's University around the same time and have experienced so much together. One of my recent fondest memories of Karen is working on the Canvas transition project. For this project, Karen led the adoption team. I already knew how amazingly creative, empathetic, and hardworking Karen is, but the project allowed the rest of the University to see her talents and passion. Through her leadership style, the team was given space and opportunities to apply our knowledge and skills in new ways. We all grew as professionals thanks to working with Karen.


Karen Pinto is a Learner Experience Designer here at Saint Joseph's University. She graduated from Philadelphia University, where she received a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Graphic Design Communications. She also holds a Master’s Degree in Organization Development and Leadership from Saint Joseph's University. In her role at SJU, Karen uses her welcoming personality, creativity, and love for design to help build lasting partnerships with faculty, students, staff, and administration. Karen always approaches things with fresh eyes, an open mind, and looks for new and imaginative ways to solve problems. She isn’t afraid to try new approaches to the learning design process. Her creativity is infectious and pushes others to be their best original self. In addition to being a trailblazer on campus, Karen is also a wife and mom to two beautiful children.

Written by Chontel Delaney


"One of my favorite memories of my time at SJU was actually during the Canvas transition, last year. I know it seems like a strange time to have a favorite memory. I was on the implementation team, and it was one of the toughest points in the project. We had a task that would have been too monumental for one person to accomplish, so we decided to divide amongst 6 of us. We took an afternoon, ordered pizza, reserved a room, and sat in a u-shape. Instead of sitting at our desks feeling overwhelmed by the job at hand, we discussed the purpose, developed the plan, made a few mistakes, learned the shortest path, and completed the task in less time than projected - all while laughing and bonding! This story serves as a reminder of how special our community is. When we work together, we can achieve great things!"

Melissa Reutter


Personal Attribute: Skilled and Dedicated


Professor Reuter is a dedicated teacher who regularly attends first-year pedagogy workshops to further enhance her skilled teaching.


Professor Reuter is a graduate of the Saint Joseph's University Writing Studies M.A. program, for which she completed a thesis entitled Pink Skies, Purple Shadows. She regularly teaches both the Craft of Language and Texts & Contexts. Her publications include Lantanas and Rain, Farewell Youth, and Ida Indeed -- the latter two which were published in SJU's The Avenue.

Written by Grace Wetzel


"As an adjunct instructor, I always enjoy talking to former students who I see in the hallways or who stop by my office. However, one of my favorite memories is of a student (non-English major) who was in my English 101 class. Even though I only taught the student for one semester, she sent me an email during her senior year to ask if we could meet. After her freshman year, she discovered her love of writing and wanted to pursue a career as a writer. We sat and talked for an hour about writing, career options, etc. It was one of those wonderful moments when I was aware of the positive impact that I had on a student."

Kim Richmond


Personal Attribute: Energetic and Tenacious


Starts every class with "We have a jam-packed agenda!"

Kim is a passionate marketer, speaker and author. She is the founder and principal of Richmond Marketing & Communications which specializes in marketing, branding, & digital strategy and before that was the EVP of Marketing for FAO Schwarz. She sits on the Board of Governors of the Philly Ad Club, the largest professional organization of marketing and advertising professionals in Philadelphia. Kim has her Bachelor of Arts degree from Northern Illinois University and her MBA from Loyola University of Chicago.

Written by David Allan


"One of my favorite memories is helping students build their personal brand and connecting them for internships and jobs."

Marianne Schimelfenig

General Counsel

"One of my favorite memories is 'witnessing' friendships and the future in the making by being able to observe Freshman Orientation activities and lunches on the lawn outside my office window each summer, which are full of the energy, enthusiasm and promise of the college years to come on Hawk Hill! The music, at times, maybe not so much. :-)"

Jeannine Shantz

Office of the Dean, Erivan K. Haub School of Business

Personal Attribute: Dedicated


Her dedication to helping the needy. Her work with the Service for Refugees and her dedication to helping the poor through the "Hot dogs for Haiti" program.


Jeannine Shantz has distinguished herself as the “go to” person in the Haub School of Business for anything involving Technology. The faculty, staff and students are like family to Jeannine and every day she carries out the tenets of Servant Leadership that are so important to the Jesuit mission. She is the consummate volunteer to help those in need and is a fixture at our Hot Dogs for Haiti fundraising initiative at SJU. Jeannine loves drama, music and plays and is a member of the legendary Upper Darby for Performing Arts Program. In her first year at the university, she attended the Mardi Gras reception at the Jesuit residence where she was introduced to the SJU community. Her first comment after shaking hands with Father Lannon, the university President, was that his kindness was an indicator of the warm place Saint Joseph’s was to work. She has been spreading that warmth ever since to everyone in Haub with whom she interacts.

Written by Joseph DiAngelo


"One of my favorite memories is Mardi Gras occurred a few short weeks after I started working at SJU. Knowing very few people, I tagged along with Peggy Allen to the Jesuit celebration. A gentleman, obviously familiar to Peggy, approached us and she introduced me to him. He extended his hand and said, “Hi, I’m Tim.” We chatted for a few minutes before he moved on to another group. I asked Peggy what he did at the university and she replied that he was the president. Father Lannon’s warm handshake and humble introduction was the beginning of my understanding of what being part of a Jesuit institution means."

Feng Shen


Personal Attribute: Friendly and Approachable


He will always be the king of AOL!


Dr. Feng Shen joined Saint Joseph's University in Fall 2018, when he completed his Ph.D. program at the University of Florida. Dr. Shen teaches a number of research-related courses, including marketing research, international marketing research, research in marketing, and predictive analytics. His research has appeared in Journal of Advertising Research, Journal of Customer Behaviour, Journal of Marketing Communications, Journal of Product & Brand Management, and Journal of Nonprofit & Public Sector Marketing, among other publications, and he has won two best paper awards. Dr. Shen also participates in a variety of service activities: he was Secretary of the Faculty Senate from 2015 to 2016, represents the Department of Marketing on both college-level and university-level committees, and serves as a reviewer of three academic journals and two books.

Written by David Allan


"One of my favorite memories is the generous support for my research I have received."

Maura Slatowski

University Advancement

"I have so many memories over time at SJU. When I started here, Advancement wasn't even on campus so moving our offices to campus was a big deal in really connecting with colleagues and students. While that was a memorable moment, having my daughter commit and enroll as a student (Class of 2021) made me so proud! She is thriving here and makes me enjoy Hawk Hill that much more. And one memory hasn't happened yet - I will graduate with my Master's in May - I am already proud of that one!"

Tim Swift


Personal Attribute: High Energy


Tim is a terrific example of what we look for in an SJU professor: Someone who is a rigorous and demanding teacher, but is also dedicated to service, the needs of our students, and bettering our community.

Two of the best examples of this are his development of a Service Learning course for our Essentials of Management course, and his creation of a new Honors course for graduating seniors focusing on the interplay between Strategic Management and Business Ethics.


In his 10 years at SJU. Dr. Swift has been an integral part of the Business Policy teaching team. In addition to Policy, Dr. Swift has has been a strong advocate for Service Learning within the Business school, and has developed several on-line courses and an Honors Capstone course for graduating Seniors. From a Service Perspective, Dr. Swift has served on University Council Executive committee, the Faculty Policies and Procedures committee, Co-Chaired the SJU Mission Priority Examen Steering Committee, and served as Chair of the HSB Strategic Planning Committee, among his many other contributions to life at SJU. His research has appeared in the top journals and conferences in the field of Strategic Management.


"One of my favorite memories is seeing my favorite students at Commencement!"

Kris Tapp


Dolores Tomaszewski

University Advancement

Personal Attribute: Team Player


Honestly there are so many I can't think of one but I do know they all made me smile or laugh!!


Dolores has been in several positions during her tens years at SJU. She is a dedicated member of our team and is always willing to help out in any way she can throughout the entire division. She has a positive attitude and makes our work environment more enjoyable. She is truly an asset to our team!

Written by Becky Hemphill


"One of my favorite memories is doing a day of service with my co-workers at Inglis House"

C. Richard Truex


Personal Attribute: Quick Wit


The time he helped me with a pricing presentation at Wyeth Pharmaceuticals


Richard Truex, Ph.D., MBA, started his career in academia at Cornell University and the University of Illinois. He then entered the pharmaceutical industry where he worked for Smith Kline, Eastman Kodak, Sanofi, Wyeth and Pfizer in positions that ranged from sales to marketing research, new products marketing, national accounts operations and pricing. He consults with the pharmaceutical as a thought partner for pricing issues and is an active educator, teaching nutrition at the undergraduate level at the University of the Sciences and Philadelphia Community College and pricing at the graduate level at Saint Joseph's University for the last decade.

Written by George P. Sillup


"One of my favorite memories is seeing the feeling of accomplishment when the students compete and complete the pricing simulation"

Darren Whearry

Facilities Management

Personal Attribute: Proud of Work


He was so happy to be involved with the event with Congressman John Lewis. He was excited as the prospect of meeting him and was so engaged in the process. I was so glad to see him react this way.


Darren joined the crew and brought with him a confidence that he could be helpful with any of the jobs that were assigned. He was one to always suggest alternative ideas some which were great and become a part of making the U-Crew the success that they were. He always could be relied on to show up on time and ready to complete his duties. He also was willing to go above as needed which has become the norm for any of the U-crew members.

Written by Beth Moran


"One of my favorite memories is working under Beth Moran and the Utility Crew!"

Ferdinand F. Wirth, III

Food Marketing

Personal Attribute: Caring


Dr. Wirth and I initially became professionally acquainted through our mutual participation in the first cohort of the Ignatian Leadership Program for faculty in 2012-13, and our professional relationship grew as office neighbors from 2015-2018. We were able to actively discuss our research interests and pedagogical techniques for on-campus and online courses. One personality trait that stands out for me is Dr. Wirth’s selfless attitude. He is welcoming to other faculty members who want to serve as Co-PIs on grant applications. He also offers to share his numerous primary survey data sets to other faculty members for data mining and analysis. 
This semester marks a double celebration for Dr. Wirth. In addition to the ten years of service award, Dr. Wirth has also been promoted to “Professor” starting next academic year. I am so happy for my friend and honored to be his friend. He deserves the promotion and accolades for the commitment he has shown over the years.


Dr. Wirth holds a Ph.D. in agricultural economics, with Ph.D. minors in both marketing and economics, from Louisiana State University. He joined the SJU Department of Food Marketing (FMK) faculty in 2008 as an Associate Professor after spending ten years as a tenure track faculty member with the University of Florida and three years in state government, serving the State of Delaware, Department of Agriculture (DDA) as Administrator, Agricultural Marketing and Development. Dr. Wirth’s primary academic focus is serving as Academic Director for the five-year Food Marketing Cooperative Education Program. In that capacity, he completely revamped the program and added academic rigor and accountability to the Co-op courses. Another major accomplishment was spearheading and coordinating the development of the online option for the unique Food Marketing Executive MBA and MS programs. Dr. Wirth is an applied behavioral marketing economist. The focus of his research program has been to provide market intelligence and support for agricultural producer groups and agribusinesses. Dr. Wirth’s research program has generated more than $1.34 million in external funding, a book chapter, 28 refereed journal articles, four refereed research bulletins, nine refereed proceedings, 34 refereed abstracts, and 27 non-refereed publications. Research results have also been disseminated through 105 professional presentations, including 24 invited papers and presentations, 49 selected presentations and 32 technical/industry presentations.

Written by Rajneesh Sharma


"One of my favorite memories is watching the personal and professional growth of students in the five-year Food Marketing Cooperative Education Program."

Umeyye Yazicioglu

Theology & Religious Studies

John C. Yi

Decision & System Sciences

Personal Attribute: Quiet and Grounded


My best memories of John are associated with his compassion. In the most elevated moments, John is able to show extraordinary kindness and care in his dealings with everyone.


John is a an exceptional instructor, with very high student evaluations. He stays in contact with many graduates and continues to mentor them through their careers and started the International Student Professional Development Task Force in 2016 to help increase job placements for international students. He was selected by students to deliver a "Last Lecture" hosted by Delta Sigma Pi. John has an active research stream with 16 publications, editorial review boards, awards at international conferences, multiple summer research grants and a faculty merit award for research.

Written by Ginny Miori


"The favorite memories all involve students. Many students when I first meet them are unsure of how good they really are, and the side effect of this is them being unsure of their career direction and the place in this society. By the time they are graduating, they have all the confidence in the world to take that next big step. Being a part of their growth process has been very special for me over the last 10 years."

Richard Zimmerman

Facilities Management