Workers' Compensation

Workers’ Compensation is designed to provide wage loss benefits and reimbursement for reasonable medical care for one who is injured on the job.  Saint Joseph's University continually strives to make our campus an enjoyable and safe place to work. However, in the event you suffer an injury or accident on the job, the following should occur:

  • Notify your supervisor immediately.   You and/or your supervisor should then report your accident to Public Safety at extension 1111 so that an officer may investigate and document the injury and its circumstances.   


  • Should you require immediate medical attention, someone from the Office of Public Safety will escort you to a facility approved by our Workers’ Compensation carrier.  Please do not drive yourself, and do not provide your health insurance ID card to the health care professional who provides medical treatment.  If the medical personnel treating you for your injury have questions about the Workers’ Compensation insurance coverage, please refer them to Human Resources at 610-660-3309.


  • If the doctor tells you that you cannot work, or must work a restricted or light duty schedule, please notify your supervisor and Human Resources immediately.  Supervisors should contact Tenisha McDowell at x3309 in these circumstances.


  • If you do not require immediate medical attention, but decide later that you would like to see a doctor, please contact Human Resources and we will direct you to one of our panel physicians. You must see a panel physician and not a personal physician for all workplace accidents.

If you have any questions about a Workers’ Compensation claim, please contact Tenisha McDowell in Human Resources at extension 3309 or