Paid Time Off


The holiday schedule for Saint Joseph’s University is determined each year by the official academic calendar. The University grants fourteen paid holidays each year. Holiday pay shall be computed at the regular hourly rate in effect at the time of the holiday. The designation of official holidays will be announced annually.

2020/2021 Holiday Schedule


The University’s Vacation Policy is a non-accrual policy. Vacation time is available in the fiscal year in which it is granted, subject to department head approval of the requested dates.

The amount of vacation time you are eligible for depends on your work schedule and years of service with the University, as well as whether you are a non-exempt or exempt employee.

Sick Leave

Full-time employees

If you are a full-time employee you are eligible for 12 paid sick days per year of continuous service beginning on the June 1st following your hire date. During your first partial year of employment, you are eligible for one sick day per month beginning on the first of the month following your hire date after the completion of your 90-day introductory period.

 Part-time employees (working 15 hours or more per week) If you are a part-time non-exempt employee who works a minimum of 15 hours per week 52 weeks of the year, you are eligible for six sick days1 per year as of the June 1 following your hire date, and each June 1 thereafter during your employment.

Philadelphia Paid Sick Time Law

The Philadelphia Paid Sick Time law requires that all Philadelphia employers with 10 or more employees provide paid sick leave to any employee who works at least 40 hours in a calendar year. Based on this law, covered employees are eligible for one hour of paid sick time for every 40 hours worked, up to a maximum of 40 sick hours in a calendar year. Such paid sick time may be used after an employee has worked a minimum of 90 days. Paid sick time can be used for the employee’s own health needs, to care for a family member or for leave due to domestic abuse or sexual assault.

Bereavement Leave

It is the policy of the University to compensate employees for time lost from work for up to three days while arranging for or attending the funeral of a member of their immediate family, defined as: parent, spouse, child, brother, sister, grandparent, step-parent, step child, step-brother or sister, or parent-in-law.

Jury Duty

If you are summoned for jury duty, the University encourages your participation. As soon as you receive any summons, present a copy to your department head. You will continue to receive your regular pay for any regularly scheduled work hours (up to a maximum of four weeks) during which you serve as a juror. In addition, you may keep the jury stipend pay received for any time served.

Mission/Community Service Leave

All employees are eligible to participate voluntarily in University sponsored retreats/ reflections, community service experiences or approved mission-related service activities that occur during regularly scheduled workdays. Eligible staff and administrators can take a maximum of three working days per calendar year, or up to nine days in any rolling three-year period.