Family Medical Leave Act ("FMLA")

Employees may be eligible for a leave of absence under the federal Family Medical Leave Act ("FMLA"), subject to its eligibility requirements and other terms, conditions and restrictions. In addition, employees may be eligible for other leave provided as a matter of University policy or under applicable state or local law.

To learn more about the University's FMLA policy follow this link.

To apply for leave under the FMLA follow this link (will require SJU login and password) and locate the Family & Medical Leave Request form. Complete the form online and select "Save Final." The form will be electronically submitted to Tenisha McDowell, HR Specialist, who will provide support and information regarding next steps.

The University's paid time off, disability insurance and other benefits are designed to support employees when leave is needed.

For further information, please contact Tenisha at extension 3309 or