Screencasting Tools: Ready, Aim, Record

A screencast is a movie that captures the display from a computer screen, along with narration about what is being shown. Typically, this takes the form of a formal narrated Powerpoint presentation or demonstration of a particular software program or concept. (An Introduction to Screencasting, )


Professor Ray Sarnacki (Management) uses these tools to create short tutorials for use in his MBA classes. He posts the tutorials online, for students to access at their convenience.  Professor Sarnacki has experimented with three different screen-casting tools in this process: Wimba (included in Live Classroom in Blackboard) , TipCam and Jing.   Each has benefits and drawbacks.  Click here to access his presentation which discusses each product, compares/contrasts them, and includes links to tutorials he has created using each.

Expanding your Course through Wikis

Looking for a way to have your students collaborate in one space?  Try adding a wiki to your course.  “A wiki is software that allows users to collaboratively create, edit, link, and organize the content of a website, usually for reference material. Wikis are often used to create collaborative websites and to power community websites.  (Definition from Wikipedia


Cynthia Slater, Drexel Business Librarian, brought the concept of using a wiki to Dr. George Sillup as a solution to enhance communication among the students, service-learning site and SJU personnel for his PMK Service Learning Course 1021: Patient Access to Healthcare.  They partnered with Mercy Wellness & Fitness Center Director, Linda Keller Doyle, to deliver this course. Instructors and resident experts from both institutions posted articles and research materials on the site for student use.  Students were asked to post article summaries and comments.  The platform chosen to host their wiki was  – a third party vendor that gave access to both SJU and Mercy Health Systems.  


To view the wiki for this course, please go to:


 username: peekaboo

password: beaver4apple


There is a Wiki tool in Blackboard also, located under the Tools option.  If you would like assistance incorporating this technology into your Blackboard course, please contact Al Labonis at or X 1772.


A representative from Bloomberg Professional Services provided training on this platform, available on the Wall Street Trading Room’s Bloomberg terminal.  She informed users that Bloomberg has designed specialized “cheat sheets” for quick and easy access to its modules ; these are available through the terminal’s Help menu.  Users can also access live, online chat through the Bloomberg menu, if needed.

We have posted several of these cheat sheets on our Wall Street Trading Room website for easy access: Energy and Commodities, Equities, Equity Sales, Fixed Income, Money Market Trader and Mortgages.  For a copy of the Bloomberg keyboard, click here.


The Bloomberg terminal can be projected from the podium computer in MV 295, for those who want to use it to teach to their classes.  For instructions on how to do this, click here.