10 Tools in 10 Minutes

The following list of recommeded sites was presented at the HSB Council Meeting on November 10, 2009 by Peggy Allen, Jeannine Shantz and Cynthia Slater.

1.MERLOT Business Portal
Tips for using technology to teach business courses ; Learning Materials that you can use in your classes
2. Marketing Charts
Free, downloadable, searchable marketing charts and spreadsheets

3.Free Stock Charts
Web’s best streaming real time stock charts – free!

The latest business profiles, news, financials, social footprint, and marketing strategies, by searching across 50+ Internet business databases

5. Book of Odds
Searchable online database of “odds statements,” the probabilities of everyday life. Search it by keyword or by the odds themselves.

6. 10 Minute Mail
Beat Spam with this disposable email service!

Share your research with academics around the world. HSB Registrants:  Bob Dean (FIN) ,Claire Simmers (MGT), Lucy Ford (MGT)

8.Wolfram Alpha
Not a search engine. “It’s a computational knowledge engine”

9. Citebite
Link directly to quotes in Web pages!
Paste text & URL of the page containing the text. Get a link that opens directly to your selection and highlights it

10. Wi-Fi Detector T-Shirt
Display the current wi-fi signal strength with this stylish Wi-Fi Detector Shirt.

All Things Zimbra

Now that most people have made the transition to Zimbra, we’d like to offer some help on some of the frequently asked features of the program. Zimbra is an all inclusive web client, providing email, calendar and contact information in one location.  Because it is web-based, this information can be accessed from any location with internet access. 

Logging into Zimbra:  Zimbra can be accessed by logging into MySJU.  In the center of the SJU Today tab, there is a Connect to Zimbra link and a link to Zimbra Resources.  Eventually, Zimbra will replace MySJU mail, and will be accessed by clicking the mail icon on this platform.  This is the preferred method for connecting to Zimbra.  However, if MySJU is unavailable, Zimbra can be accessed directly by going to: http://zmail.sju.edu .  Login with your SJU username and password.

If you have not yet made the switch to Zimbra, registering to be transitioned is easy. To find the “Got Zimbra?” channel:

1. Login to MySJU at my.sju.edu
2. Under the “SJU Today” tab, you will see the “Got Zimbra?” channel in the center.
3. Click the link that says Schedule My Transition to Zimbra

Answer a couple of questions about your current mail setup and the I.T. department will process your Zimbra switch request.

This month’s blog will focus on the email function of Zimbra.  In future months, we will explore the calendar and contact functions.  All of this information (and more) is available on our I.T. website at www.sju.edu/it .  Login and open the Zimbra link in the Knowledge Base.

When starting a new message, the following toolbar options are available:


  1. Send the message
  2. Cancel the message
  3. Save a draft of the message – message will be saved in Drafts folder
  4. Add an Attachment
  5. Spell Check the message – This feature is not automatic in Internet Explorer and must be selected.  Spell Check is on by default in Firefox.
  6. Creating  a Signature
  7. Options – Allows user to choose plain or styled text.
  8. Show BCC – Toggles between turning  BCC field on/off   z-bcc



Some additional Zimbra features include:
Managing Mail Folders
Searching for Messages

SJU I.T. has posted a Zimbra Blog  and is offering Zimbra Training: http://it.sju.edu/training/desktop_software/training_schedule/ .  Please access these resources for additional information.