MyMarketingLab Experience – by Janée N. Burkhalter, Ph.D.

Recently, the students in our Principles of Marketing courses have begun using an innovative online resource called MyMarketingLab.  MyMarketingLab provides the students with access to a variety of online resources aimed at improving their knowledge and understanding of important marketing concepts.  It includes chapter pre-tests, post-tests, quizzes, PowerPoint presentations, flashcards, iPod compatible study tools and other resources.   Students are encouraged to use the breadth of resources available as they review each chapter.  After completing the online assessments, students are provided with personalized feedback.  For instance when a student answers a question incorrectly s/he is directed to the correct answer via the e-textbook that accompanies the product. If the student appears to be having problems with specific chapter objectives, recommendations are made on material and sections of the chapter to review. There are even calendars built into the MyMarketingLab home page that remind students when their assignments are due.  The gradebook also allows students to keep track of their scores.

While MyMarketingLab itself is not new, it is something we just started using here at Saint Joseph’s.  As is typical with new technology there was a learning curve for both the professor and student. Throughout the process, however, the publisher has been supportive, ready with 24/7 technical support for both professors and students.

Thus far, reviews from students have been mixed.  Some students have indicated that they have found the resources to be very valuable.  Other students seemed to feel that completing the assessments was more of a chore than ultimately beneficial to their success.  It seems that some of the discrepancy comes from why the students are using the tools.  Those students who study the concepts and then utilize MyMarketingLab to test their understanding found it to be helpful.  Other students, whose goal was to simply complete the tests and quizzes in order to satisfy class requirements, did not experience the same level of success it seems. 

With a number of marketing professors teaching principles for the first time this year it is difficult to determine how much value this tool adds to student learning.  However, one professor who regularly teaches Principles of Marketing found that when she made the completion of MyMarketingLab pre and post chapter tests compulsory, her student exam scores increased an average of three percentage points (when compared to previous semesters).

While MyMarketingLab is not the end-all-be-all of student success in Principles of Marketing we hope to see an increased return on investment as we continue to employ this technological resource in our classes.

To view Pearson’s entire MyLabs product line, go to:

The Seven Revolutions Lecture – March 23, 2010

All are invited to attend this unique presentation, sponsored by the newly formed HSB Alumni Chapter. SEVEN REVOLUTIONS is a project led by the Global Strategy Institute at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) to identify and analyze the key policy challenges that policymakers, business figures, and other leaders will face out to the year 2025. It is an effort to promote strategic thinking on the long-term trends that too few leaders take the time to consider. The key points of this research have been captured in an exciting, fast-paced, multimedia presentation that has been taken around the world by the project’s founder and director, Erik Peterson.

•Resource management and environmental stewardship
•Technological innovation and diffusion
•The development and dissemination of information and knowledge
•Economic integration
•The nature and mode of conflict
•The challenge of governance

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

5:30 PM – Reception in Mandeville Lobby
6:30 PM – Lecture in Mandeville Teletorium

COST: Free

For more information, contact Vana Zervanos at 610.660.1876 or


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