Faculty Focus: Technology in the Classroom

Dr. Ginny Miori is piloting a project through ATDL, using the ipad to present mobile dashboards in her six sigma class.  Dashboards are a big topic area within the Decision & System Sciences field because of the immense contribution they make to management communications.  Ginny attaches the ipad to the projector and works with students in generating appropriate dashboards.  She states that, “It would be even better if they all had mobile devices, but it’s still an important part of the curriculum because it does show the current state of the field.”

Ginny is using IBM Cognos for this assignment. The software is available for students to download onto their laptops because of our academic partnership with IBM. This exposure to Cognos is also valuable to students, as it is a software commonly used in the industry.

Quality Matters (QM) On-line courses

Quality Matters (QM) is a nationally recognized program that promotes the use of research-based best practices in the design and development of online courses.

The Quality Matters Rubric, based on scholarly research, is a must-have for any online course developer’s toolbox. The QM rubric focuses on 8 key components of online course development, and includes 41 specific guidelines to achieve maximum effectiveness in your online classroom.

Members of the Academic Technology & Distributed Learning team will present this program to HSB faculty on Thursday, April 18 at Free Period in MV 313. This workshop will demonstrate how incorporating the QM Rubric into online course development can enhance students’ learning outcomes and increase the overall effectiveness of online learning. Please mark your calendars! More details to follow.

Turn Your Phone into a Scanner!

The CamScanner app enables you to quickly scan any document with your phone (iOS or Android) as an image file (JPEG) or PDF. The platform allows you to auto-crop the file and either email, store (through Google or Dropbox) or print it. Of particular interest: a free upgrade to the full version of the app is available to anyone who registers it with an .edu email address. For more information on this app, click here: http://www.intsig.com/en/CamScanner.html