Teaching Online – Best Practices

Starting January, 2011, HSB will launch its first complete online MBA program. To prepare for this undertaking, a teaching forum focusing on online instruction, was held on November 11.   The forum included demonstrations by Drs. Ira Yermish, Karen Hogan and David Lees on the tools and best practices for teaching online.  A rich  Q&A discussion followed.    Also supporting this endeavor is a Blackboard site created for HSB On-Line Course Best Practices.  This site houses  sample syllabi, course content, discussions, instructional videos and other best practices appropriate for online instruction. A link to a video of the November 11 Best Practices session  is also there. Please contact Ira Yermish at iyermish@sju.edu if you would like to be enrolled in this course site.

A series of monthly faculty development sessions focused on online instruction best practices is being planned for the Spring semester – stay tuned!

Wikis vs. Blogs

Wikis are websites enabling multiple users to create and edit content. Although wikis can be created by single users, they are generally used for collaborative projects. A wiki is most useful when creating a community accessible site, where constructive criticism is encouraged. In general, wikis work well when you have a fairly limited number of people contributing content, and a larger body of readers.

A blog is an online journal that an individual creates. Blogs allow for a much tighter focus on editorial control. The editor can disable comments, for instance. Even with comments enabled, they typically are not shown when a visitor comes to the site – the visitor has to choose to view comments.

Both tools provide a platform for feedback – blogs do it in the form of comments, while wikis do it by letting users directly edit the contents of a given page.

Below is a lighthearted look at the differences between the two (not a political commentary!) Enjoy~

HSB Scholarship Blog

HSB has a searchable blog for business scholarship postings.  Included in the postings are links from the Drexel Library to the College Blue Book, the latest edition of Scholarships, Fellowships, and Loans for students seeking fellowships and scholarships, and the 2010 and 2009 print editions of the Annual Register of Grant Support.  The blog is currently searchable by the following keywords (others can be added as needed/requested):

Decision & System Sciences
Food Marketing
Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Marketing

The link to the blog is :  http://www.sju.edu/blogs/hsbscholarship/ .  Please feel free to share with your students.

Please send additional scholarship postings for the blog to Peggy Allen at pallen@sju.edu