Student Laptops – What to Expect

What computers have the HSB class of 2015 selected for their academic use?  That’s what we wanted to find out so the Laptop Office invited all incoming HSB students to participate in a survey regarding technology choices.  46% of those who responded indicated that they purchased or plan to purchase a Lenovo computer offered through the Laptop Program.  The advantages of purchasing through the program include discounted pricing and on-campus warranty support.  In addition, students purchasing through the program are eligible for a free loaner if their computer is sent out for repair.

Approximately 25% of the respondents are planning on using an Apple MacBook.  All HSB students are required to have a Windows-based laptop however using a MacBook is feasible as long as Windows is installed on the system.  Guidelines for HSB Mac users have been available to prospective students and their parents at open house events, Admitted Students Day and orientation sessions.  Additionally, students  received a mailing and several emails outlining HSB technology requirements and recommendations.

The remaining 29% of respondents chose other computers such as Sony, HP and Dell.

If you or your students have any questions about the Laptop Program, contact Jeannine Shantz at x1678.

Going Digitial

As the new semester begins, consider trying something new in your class.  Blogs and Wikis are great tools for encouraging student collaboration and creativity and getting students more engaged in the learning process. Try replacing a traditional research paper assignment or class project with a digital one, using one of these tools.  Below is a video tutorial with instructions on how to use these tools.  If you are using one now, let us know how it works for you!

Making Minutes Count

The new school year brings more opportunities for academic committee meetings.  Here is a tool that may take the pain out of keeping the Minutes for these meetings. is a simple Web service that lets you quickly and easily draft and share meeting minutes in a standard format. The site is free and doesn’t require registration or log-in.

The minutes template tracks the attendees and agenda items, which you can log as to-dos, info, ideas, and more. Each item can be assigned an owner and due date.  There’s also an optional section in which you can enter a description of the meeting or other details.

The site tracks all of your minutes, which you can later browse, forward, or print.

In its current form, is compatible with Firefox, Chrome and Safari but not Internet Explorer.