Embedded Video in Blackboard

Would you like to enrich your course content with embedded video clips ?  Below is a video tutorial explaining how to embed video content into the Blackboard platform.  The example demonstrates embedding a YouTube clip into the Announcement page of Blackboard.  The same principle can be applied to other Blackboard content areas.


This is a reminder that Saint Joseph’s University has a subscription to the Wharton Research Data Services (WRDS). WRDS provides instant access to important databases in the fields of finance, accounting, banking, economics, management, marketing and public policy.  Currently, we purchased the following subscriptions through WRDS:

Compustat North America
Mergent FISD

WRDS also provides free access to several other data sources.

If you still have not requested a WRDS account, you may do so at:

http: //wrds-web.wharton.upenn.edu/wrds/
Click the Register for a WRDS Account link.

WRDS offers free online training.  Once inside the platform, click the E-Learning tab to register .

Blackboard Training

Blackboard Training classes for October are available per the schedule below.  To reserve a seat, please email Al Labonis at labonis@sju.edu.

Course Description Date & Time Place
Blackboard 9.1 Getting Started Provides overview of Bb 9.1

Covers :

  • Student View
  • Building course navigation
  • Uploading Content
  • Control Panel features
Tuesday, October 11


Merion Hall 275
Blackboard 9.1 Grade Center Use this valuable tool to record data, monitor student progress and communicate information to students. Tuesday, Oct 4         11:30-1:00

Thursday, Oct 6       4:30-6:00

Merion Hall 275
Blackboard 9.1

Bb Wimba

Wimba can be utilized by those instructors that need to communicate with their students online in real time.


  • How to communicate with students online using tools in Wimba.
  • How to synchronously share content and web sites with students online.
Wednesday, Oct 5      4:00-5:30 Merion Hall 275
Blackboard 9.1 Campus Pack, Blogs and Wiki Learn how to create wiki, blogs, and journals for your students, and the appropriate application of each of these tools. Monday, Oct 10     8:00-9:30 Merion Hall 275
Blackboard 9.1 Bb Assessment Focus on creating and grading tests. Learn how to create, deploy, and grade assessments.

Discuss best practices in online assessment, and explore how statistics can help evaluate the effectiveness of assessments.

Wednesday, Oct 5       11:30-1:00

Monday, Oct 10           11:00-12:30

Merion Hall 275
Blackboard 9.1 Bb Self and Peer Assessment Enable students to review and evaluate work submitted by themselves or their peers.

Using criteria specified by the instructor and optional sample responses, students can assign points and provide feedback on submitted assignments.

Tuesday, Oct 25        11:30-1:00 Merion Hall 275
Blackboard 9.1 Bb Safe Assign SafeAssign is a valuable tool for encouraging original writing and proper citation practices within your course. Learn how to use this tool most effectively to prevent plagiarism and support best practices for student research. Tuesday, Oct 25      2:00-3:30

Wednesday, Oct 26       3:00-4:30

Merion Hall 275
Blackboard 9.1 Bb Rubrics The Bb Rubrics tool allows you to specify criteria and performance levels for grading, providing clear guidelines for students, instructors, and teach assistants. Wednesday, Oct 26       8:00-9:30 Merion Hall 275