Let’s TaTango!

In an effort to make sure students PAY ATTENTION to the several scholarship opportunities available to them, Dean DiAngelo has invited them to join his “Texting” network.  Today’s students are more likely to access their text messages than their emails. To monopolize on this, the Dean sent all undergraduate students an initial email message, asking them to join his texting group.  Students were given instructions on how to join the group, and assured that only important scholarship or HSB information would be sent using this platform.  As an incentive, all students who registered by March 16 were eligible for a raffle of an iPod shuffle.


The Dean is using Tatango to facilitate this venture. Tatango is a Web 2.0 service, used to send group text messages from a computer or mobile phone, to reach all members simultaneously. To date, 440 students have joined and are receiving these important notices.  Please encourage your students to join, if they have not done so. Following are the steps to join the platform:



Join HSBDEAN Tatango:

  1. Go to: https://www.tatango.com/join/7158-E1ODAuO
  2. Click Join Group
  3. Enter your  name and mobile phone number

A join code will be sent to your mobile phone. Enter this code online to complete the registration.