One Search: Search Multiple Library Resources


Faculty Guide to using One Search                          

One Search is a “federated search engine” tool that provides a customized menu for quickly and easily searching across selected SJU Drexel Library electronic resources and the catalog with a single search request.

One Search offers:

•A multisubject search menu for
general topic searching.
•Customized subject-specific search
menus for many academic areas of

The web address of One Search is .

What electronic resources are included in One Search?

The Library catalog and many of our electronic resources are available for searching in One Search. For a larger list of resources that you can search directly instead of using One Search, visit e-Resources: A-Z or e-Resources by Subject.
How do I perform a search using One Search?

1. Type your search word/s in the search boxes
2. Restrict to a date range (optional)
3. Select a subject category*
4. Click the Search button

* Optionally, you can select/deselect resources from the list of resources that appears below the subject categories list. 
For more information on how to use One Search, please check the One Search FAQs on the Drexel Library website.

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