Horizon Wimba Training

Wimba (Horizon Live) is now integrated into all our Blackboard courses, as well as the Online Pharmaceutical Marketing courses, hosted on eCollege. Anyone interested in participating in a seminar to see how area schools are using this tool, please see registration details below.  All are welcome to attend!


Date: Thursday, April 2, 2009 12:00 pm EDT


Presenters: Wimba and area schools


Location:Villanova University

Bartley Hall Room 1011 – 800 Lancaster Avenue

Villanova, PA 19085 US


Join us for a light lunch and an informative seminar. Learn how to enhance learning, improve outcomes, and increase student retention rate in your online program.


Register Here: http://www.wimba.com/company/events/1480


Description: With the emergence and fast-paced evolution of distance learning, educators are challenged by, and seeking ways to offer effective online classes that are innovative and imaginative. During this seminar you will hear how Villanova University and other area schools successfully increased student engagement and class interaction by incorporating collaborative, active learning methods into physical and virtual classrooms. These elements of collaboration include voice, video, social presence, chat, application sharing and content. This presentation will demonstrate how better learning outcomes can be more easily achieved in online courses when collaboration tools are included.


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