Faculty Views on Laptop Program

During the Fall 2008 semester, three students from Dr. Ronald Klimberg’s Business Statistics Honors Class conducted a survey for the HSB Laptop Program.  The purpose of the survey was to determine faculty perceptions of the mandatory Laptop Program.


Mark DeAngelis, Nicholas Porter and Marc Sansevere, gathered the information using the Survey Monkey subscription available through the Laptop Program. They analyzed and presented their data to their classmates and Laptop Program administrators. The data will be used to improve the Laptop Program.


Some general findings:

  • Response rate : 66%
  • On average, professors require laptop usage in at least half of their classes
  • Usage was consistent across class levels
  • Students were expected to use laptops primarily for Projects (88%) and Homework (63%)
  • 78% of the Faculty see a benefit to purchasing laptops through the program
  • Why don’t faculty use laptops in the classroom?  64% cited student distraction
  • 88% of faculty believes SJU should have a Laptop Program

Click here to access the full presentation: Faculty Laptop Program Survey


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