And the Survey Says…

All courses deliver course evaluation forms at the end of the term, to gather feedback from students on instructor and course effectiveness. Dr. Lucy Ford (Management) takes this concept a step further in her graduate MSHRM class. Using the Survey Manager in Blackboard, Dr. Ford posts a survey in her course for her students to answer about midway through the semester, asking them for feedback: what they like about the course, what they don’t like, what they would change, even what questions they think should be covered on the exam.  This gives her valuable insight into what is/isn’t working, and allows her to make adjustments if needed.  The surveys are anonymous and voluntary, and are available until the course’s end, so students can access it at any time to make suggestions.  Typically, she has had about a 30% response rate from her students.  Dr. Ford says this process has empowered her students to feel they are more a part of the learning process, and has helped her to achieve continuous course improvement in real time.  She plans to expand this strategy to use in her undergraduate courses.


For step by step instructions on using the Survey Manager tool, please visit: (courtesy of University of Texas at Austin) .  You may also contact the university’s instructional designer, Al Labonis at or at X 1772.


  1. That’s great, Joe. Let me know how it works for you. Lucy has since reported that her response rate for the Fall 2008 semester was excellent – about 77%.

  2. This sounds like a great idea. I plan on looking into using this tool in the future.


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