The Saint Joseph’s University Graduate Business Student Association (GBSA) strives to enhance the graduate experience by promoting professional development and a sense of community among graduate business students, faculty, and administration.

All Are Welcome!

All students are automatically members of GBSA and no registration is required.   Students who wish to be involved are welcome to become active GBSA members and pursue leadership positions in the organization.  Due to the often demanding schedules of graduate students, GBSA communicates virtually with an on-campus meeting once a month where students are also invited to use Zoom to participate remotely.  

Student-run University Partnership

This student-run organization works in conjunction with the Graduate Business Office to build strategic relationships and showcase opportunities through social and service activities.  GBSA’s primary communication objective is through a monthly newsletter specifically designed for graduate business students.  This newsletter provides advising insight, upcoming events, networking opportunities, anecdotes written by GBSA members, and more.  Active members of GBSA have creative authority over the group to ensure all efforts are in the best interest of the graduate student population.

For more information on how you can become more involved in the GBSA contact:

Graduate Business Office, 280 Mandeville Hall

(610) 660-1690