The Haub School of Business will offer a four-year co-curricular leadership development program for all SJU undergraduate students from the Haub School of Business of from the College of Arts and Sciences.  They need to be committed to learning more about the concept of leadership broadly and exploring their own perspective, experience, and trajectory of leadership specifically.  Students will learn a distinctively HSB and Jesuit framework of leadership that is values-based, reflective, and biased toward serving others.  The program is designed to be progressive in nature, building on the skills, lessons, and experiences of the previous year(s), with increasing demands and responsibilities.  The Dean’s Leadership Program will directly contribute to the formation of our students and will be another distinctive feature that will distinguish the HSB and SJU from other schools and universities.

Learning objectives:

  • Engage in self-discovery of one’s values, purpose, strengths, and weaknesses
  • Engage in service to something other than oneself
  • Learn to identify and test assumptions regarding such constructs as leadership, success, wealth, and service
  • Learn to engage in reflective experimentation

Admission criteria:

  • All SJU first-year students can apply
  • Write a one-paragraph description of their definition of leadership, a one-paragraph outline of what they wish to learn about, and a one-paragraph description of how they think they would add value as a participant in the program
  • Interview with Program committee member

Program requirements: