Faculty Mission-based Research Assessment

Erivan K. Haub School of Business
Saint Joseph’s University

In its final report in 2008, the Impact of Research Task Force recommended that AACSB “Extend and augment AACSB accreditation guidelines to require schools to demonstrate the impact of faculty intellectual contributions on targeted audiences – with emphasis on the contributions made to the institutions’s mission statement and to the advancement of knowledge and practice of business and management.” Formally initiated at the beginning of the 2008/2009 academic year, the study is designed to result in preliminary recommendations from the task force by September 2010 and a final set of recommendations by September 2011. The core process will involve participating schools in determining expected impacts consistent with their stated missions, developing policies and procedures, and designing an implementation plan for assessing impact of intellectual contributions.

As part of the study, schools are expected to engage stakeholders, faculty in particular, in determining a “statement of impact expectations” regarding the school’s production of intellectual contributions to advance the knowledge and practice of business and management. This statement should be consonant with the mission of the school and institution for which it is part, if applicable. This statement should be expressed in terms of outcomes, rather than the number and types of intellectual contributions expected.