“Go forth and set the world on fire.” -St. Ignatius of Loyola.

Technology, politics, business and social issues are all very different than they were just a few years ago and all are testing new social norms, technological limits and ethical standards. The educational experience we provide must connect students to tomorrow’s world, so they are not just prepared for life and career, but equipped to be change-makers, problem-solvers, and innovators.

The goal of the Haub Innovation Lab is to create and foster a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship. The Lab is designed to inspire and challenge students to develop an entrepreneurial mindset.

Through attendance at Lab sponsored seminars and workshops students learn the process of launching a new venture from idea creation through to commercialization. By participating in Lab projects students are provided with the opportunity to collaborate with business and community leaders on critical issues and challenges. Students also receive support to develop their entrepreneurial ventures. Faculty and industry leaders working together mentor students through entrepreneurial projects and prepare them for leadership roles in the business world so that they can go forth and set the world on fire.