1) Look up classes.

  • Click “Class Schedule
    • this link can be found multiple places in the Nest, including on the Courses and Registration page – but it does not require a login, so you can access it directly from here
  • Select the term for which you are registering, the course you are searching for and any special interests.
  • Search!
  • Do not forget to click on the CRN numbers to check for course restrictions.

Registration Instructions

All registration takes place through the Nest.

  • Get your PIN from your faculty advisor.
  • Click on Classes and Registration in the Nest
  • Follow the steps outlined in the Registration portlet
  • Click on Add/Drop Courses
  • Enter your  PIN
  • Enter the CRN (course reference number) of the classes for which you wish to register in the boxes at the bottom of the page
  • Click on SUBMIT

If you are successful, you will get the message “web registered” for your classes. If you obtain an error message, you will have more work to do.

Adding And Dropping Classes After Your Initial Registration

Students may add and/or drop courses through the end of the Add/Drop period at the beginning of each semester. The Add/Drop period typically extends through the first week of class (see the academic calendar for the official date). Schedule changes made during this period will not appear on a student’s transcript.

After the Add/Drop period ends, you may no longer drop a course, but you may be able to withdraw from a course by completing the paperwork to receive a grade of W in the course with the written approval from the Dean’s Office.

First-semester freshmen & first-semester transfer students:

To add or drop a course, you are required to use the Registration Changes form available on the Registrar’s website and in the HSB Advising Center (MV 150). You must meet with your faculty advisor to discuss proposed changes and obtain their approval and signature.

All other students who have registered for classes on-line:

Go to the Nest to add/drop classes after discussing changes with your academic advisor. The PIN for HSB students does not change during the Add/Drop period; however, students are strongly encouraged to discuss substantive schedule changes with their faculty advisor before making the changes on-line. Section changes of the same course may be made freely without an advisor’s approval

Important Reminders

Each student is responsible for their own registration.

  • If you are attending class, but your name does not appear on the instructor’s class list, YOU are responsible for adding the class to your schedule. Even if you think you registered for the class, resolve the problem prior to the end of the Add/Drop period.
  • If you are attending a different section than what appears on your schedule, YOU are responsible for dropping the incorrect section and adding the correct section (assuming seats are still available).
  • If you are not attending a class, but it still appears on your schedule, YOU are responsible for dropping the class before the end of the Add/Drop period. After the end of the Add/Drop period, you will need to withdraw from the course (with a “W” on your transcript). After the deadline for withdrawing from a class, you will receive an “F” for the course.

Key Terms in the “Sections Found” Display

Column Heading Description
Select Course Status
SR = Seats Remaining
C = Course Closed
CRN Course Reference Number – The 5-digit number you will need for registration
SUBJ Course Subject/Department
CRSE 3-digit course number
SEC Course Section – various sections include:
D = Day Courses
P = Courses open only to students in the College of Professional & Liberal Studies
SL = Service Learning – community service requirement for this section
HN = Honors Section – open only to students in the Honors Program
FS = Freshmen Seminar – open only to select CAS freshmen
FY = First-Year Seminar courses  – open only to students in the class of 2014
CMP Campus Indicator
D = Day College
E = College of Professional & Liberal studies
Cred, title, days, time The course title, number of credits, days and times it meets
CAP Total number of seats in the class
ACT Actual number of students enrolled in the course
REM Number of seats remaining in the class. A negative number indicates that the section is over enrolled

Common Errors

Course Closed

Course enrollment limit has been reached. The faculty member who is teaching a course that is closed may be consulted regarding overriding course seating limits, but the Department Chair’s authorization is final and necessary for the override to be processed.

Reserved Closed

Course enrollment limit has been reached for your level (i.e., undergraduate day student). Example: Undergraduate day HSB student is trying to register for an HSB evening course – the day student enrollment limit has been reached and the remaining available seats are reserved for undergraduate evening students.

In this case, you can choose another section, pursue an override, or wait until the week before the semester begins. At that time, remaining seats will be open to all students.

Level Restriction

Registration for this course is restricted to day students, evening students or graduate students.

  • HSB students will see this error if they attempt to register for evening classes in the CAS. The relevant Department Chair is the only person who can grant permission for a day student to take an evening course in the CAS.
  • An undergraduate day HSB student will also get this restriction when trying to register for a SJU summer class without first obtaining the Dean’s Office approval.

Major Restriction

This course is only available to students in a particular major

Class Restriction

This course is only available to students in a particular class (e.g., freshmen seminar, senior capstone course).

Campus Restriction

The CAS and the HSB are classified as 2 separate “campuses.” CAS students will get a campus restriction if they try to register for evening classes in the HSB – only HSB students can freely register for evening HSB classes.

Pre-Requisite/Co-Requisite Error

A pre-requisite error will occur when you have not taken a course that is required prior to taking the course for which you are trying to register. A co-requisite requires that another course be registered for, in addition to the one attempted. If you have taken the required course (or its equivalent), but the Nest is not allowing you to register for the course, please see the Chair of the Department or the Dean’s Office (MV 160).

Link Error

Registration of lecture and lab section is required. Registering for one without the other will result in this error.

Time Conflict (overlap in class times)

Registration has been attempted where two courses are meeting at the same time or are overlapping in meeting time.

Overriding a closed or restricted course

The closed/restricted course override approval process varies by department. However, in all cases, permission of the Department Chair is required for closed or restricted courses. Some departments complete the override using the Authorization to Override a Course Seating Limit form which is available in the HSB Advising Center (MV 150) and on the Registrar’s website. Others complete the course override electronically. If the override is done electronically, the student may register on-line through the Nest.